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Moon Watch: New Moon in Sagittarius

Feeling fiery for adventure? It’s time to go! Even if it’s only an adventure into the depths of your own soul. Now is the time to go deeper into an idea, a feeling, or a circumstance that you maybe haven’t had the time or energy to go so low into before. Take a chance, and be grateful for the freedom you have to express what you need. Become a janitor of your own consciousness; an astronaut of your own inner-world; all that place and space inside that no one else knows of. Therein lies your truth, and therein lies the answers to your most complex questions. Embrace new opportunities to explore your (inner and outer) world with open arms and a humble heart.


Traits Amplified: Freedom, healing, connection, exploration, adventure, synchronicity, embrace.


Questions to Ask: What is the truest thing you know? What pillar of your soul needs some healing? Is there a sticky situation bothering you that you haven’t quite dealt with yet? How can you go about resolving it? Do you believe that healing is possible for you? What are the first steps you can take to get there?


What to Go For: Be generous with your love, and be of service when you can. You know all that energy you’ve been festering inside to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem? Transmute it, alchemize it, and send it into a space of service and generosity towards the ones you love. All those wounds, and all that previous pain are nothing more than unanswered questions, and un-dealt with emotions. You must work to heal these things now, because no one can do it for you. Recognize karmic patterns that have been showing up as of late, and figure out ways to do things differently in order to make a change. If not for yourself, then for every other beautiful soul in your life.


What to Watch Out For: Don’t hide in the darkness of the night! Open up, even if it’s just to yourself via an iPhone note or video diary, about what all this fiery energy is bringing forth. It’s easy to let all the inner stimulation paralyze you. But don’t allow it. Use it to move, groove, and finally, to walk the talk that’s been manifesting inside you over the previous months. This is your opportunity to expand and lead by example. In the words of our beloved Gabby Bernstein, “Just shut the fuck up, and just BE IT.”

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