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S LIFE MAG GIFT GUIDE: Picks for those who are both Naughty & Nice

Gift Guide season has arrived! And at S-Life, this means three weeks of holiday gift ideas to nourish the most essential aspects of you and your loved ones lives. This week, we’re gifting any and everything thats Naughty & Nice – quite obviously, it’s no secret that we prefer to be on both lists. So voila Sakaralites…get your gifting on. #SakaraNaughtyNice



1. I'm in l-o-v-e with the Live the Process x Moon Juice Lunar Corset Bra and Cropped Leggings. Working out in such cosmic gear will make me feel like a deep-space explorer, rather than a NYC concrete-jungle queen. Have you ever heard that joke, 'You must be wearing space pants, because your ass is outta this world'?

2. This iridescent work of ART would be an incredible addition to the most light-filled corner of my apartment. The light-reactive glass changes hue depending on what angle you're admiring at it from. It's the most magical piece of furniture I have ever seen.

3. Here's a little naughty secret for you, I used to have my nipples pierced. Since the piercings have been gone for a while now, I would love to rock some non-pierce nipple jewelry for a little added sparkly decoration.  


4. A (faux) bear skin rug is so 70's shag sexy, I can't believe I don't already have one to lounge around on. Though, gifting me this could become dangerous, because not only will it become my love spot, but it might also become my home-office.

5. And when you have a (faux) bear skin rug to snuggle up on, you definitely need a fire place to accompany it. Since our apartment doesn't have one, this freestanding portable fire place would be perfect for snowy romantic nights in.



6. I'm still obsessed with this Braless Tan-Lined Torso Pot from Universal Isaac and have been meaning to purchase one for my beloved house plants. Don't have any house plants? Use the pot for keys, makeup, desk office supplies, you name it.. Cheeky, cute and a little naughty = A perfect accessory.

7. One of my New Years resolutions is to start writing more hand written notes to those I love and these Textured Marble Note Cards are so sleek and cool. Having these to send would be even more of an initiative to get writing. Also, they would perfectly double as a framed piece of art for your wall when you're done.

8. Coqui Coqui Tulum is a magical place to relax, unwind and have some ultimate one-on-one time. Their intoxicating perfumes are a fresh reminder of time spent rolling around on the sand ;)

9. Madonna's Sex Book came out in 1992 when I was 7 years old and I actually remember how controversial the whole thing was. It was so taboo that I've still never even looked through the whole book. Now that I'm a full fledged adult I would proudly it displayed amongst my other coffee table books.



10. The Jacquie Aiche Opal Choker - in rose gold and baby pink leather, of course. I'm not a big brand new jewelry gal - I've been wearing the same jewelry more or less every day since his school. Each piece has power and means something so special to me. However, this opal eye beauty would be an excellent addition to my current necklace game.

11. This body chain from Jacquie Aiche is every plant medicine girl's dream. I'll wear it under my many winter layers, and then show it off on the spring break that I may or may not take come April.

12. And above all, a trip to Esalen would be the top of the top that Santa could bring. A week (or two) pampering in Pacific Ocean cliffside hot springs at night, taking wellness workshops and consuming their healing, Californian nutrition all day long, is a dream that I quite regularly indulge myself in. Please, Santa. Please!



13. I like to think that if I had this beautiful Meditation Cushion as incentive to sit on, I'd be more likely to get up early and practice. It could also double as a bed or couch pillow, and, the psychedelic patterns are just as healing for me as meditation itself.

14. After I set my sights on this For Love and Lemons Body Suit, I go to bed every night wanting to wear nothing more. It's delicate, sensual, soft...all things that magical dreams are made of.

15. When winter in the city hits, I take a bath pretty much every day. And this Pursoma 5-Day Cleanse Package would work wonders for detoxing all that holiday cheer, re-hydrating and re-mineralizing my cells, and sloughing off any dry skin cells with the body masks. Delicious.



16. I would LOVE an in-depth astrology reading - as a faithful daily reader of Susan Miller's AstrologyZone horoscopes, I would love to meet with an expert one on one for a deep dive into my cosmic life.

17. Plants from The Sill for my apartment! Not only do plants immediately make your place look cooler, but they're good for you! My south-facing apartment gets plenty of light and is just begging for some greenery.

18. A sexy Caribbean getaway - I haven't taken a proper vacation in ages because...life. I just want to go bask in the sun on a secluded beach with my boyfriend and a pina colada...and work on my no-tanlines tan. What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas!



19. Plane tickets, to anywhere! But preferably warm and tropical or somewhere beautiful on the west coast. A surprise vacation would be the BEST holiday gift, and even better if it was at this hotel / spa in Big Sur.

20. These Fruit + Floral Royal Rose Cocktail Syrups look so pretty and fun! Perfect for a special night out or birthday. Mixology is such a big thing right now in restaurants and bars and I'm determined to learn it better this year!

21. One way to boost confidence this year? Changing up what you're wearing UNDER your clothes to feel a little more sexy. This strappy black bralette would do the trick.

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