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Every week, The S-Life Mag will make sure you’re in the know about the latest scientific studies and current events pertaining to health, wellness, nutrition and more. This is the stuff you need to know for your body, mind and soul!



    • We’re not big fans of the word “diet” around here, but this is still interesting: The diets of the future could be customized based on people’s unique genetic makeup.




    • Start hitting the Fire Cider and lypo-spheric Vit C now. The CDC says flu season is going to spike in January ’16.




    • Research shows alcohol-related illness and death among Americans is at a 35-year high. This is why we’re all about balance. (Consider this your gentle reminder not to overdo it this New Year’s Eve!)




    • Double the fun…? The rate of twins being born in the U.S. is at an all-time high.




    • This is the body-mind connection we’re always talking about—in action. Research shows people with Type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from dementia.




    • More kids are breathing easy now that asthma rates are on the decline in the U.S.




    • A bright spot in breast cancer research: A study finds ultrasounds may be effective at detecting the disease in women with certain risk factors.




    • Get a prescription for a super-powerful opioid painkiller from your doctor, take a near-fatal overdose of those very pills, then get another prescription for those same drugs from the same doctor. Yes, really.




    • Doctors in the UK are warning the public about the development of drug-resistant—and therefore untreatable—gonorrhea. So not sexy.




    • Clean, unprocessed and organic? We were way ahead of the curve here. Check out this roundup of 2015’s biggest food trends.


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