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How To Reflect On Your 2015

Let’s close 2015 with open eyes, consciousness, and radical receptivity.

Before we jump into New Year resolutions, let’s pause a little, to look back at what is falling behind us. If we are going to be the creators of a 2016 that we LOVE, we must make sure we bring forward all the things from 2015 that will enhance our future creation! Ask yourself the following questions honestly, meditate on them, and see if you can make those Jan 1st regimes more reflective of the clarity in your responses.

What are your deepest intentions?

For many of us, the ‘new’ we seek in the New Year is this shiny, clean slate free of all undesirable habits, behaviors and issues. There is so much focus on sculpting a more comfortable year free of what we don't want to happen again and rarely much focus on our truest intentions, as long as we ‘stick to the plan’. These kinds of resolutions work on a surface level. Similar to affirmations, they can actually be limiting rather than serving. Creating a future based on “I am happy” or “I am healthy” won’t work to trick our minds or bodies if we aren't yet able to believe those statements.

Our promises have to stem from somewhere deeper and more authentic. Willpower is going to be a limited mechanism to fuelling positive change once something happens to threaten our resolutions. If your deepest intention has something to do with being your most authentic self, then adhering to a life-long implementation or abstinence of anything won’t always reflect that. Every ambiguous day presents a variety of experiences that require flexibility. When we have the intention to act from a place of truth, flexibility becomes natural and intuition prevails over any rulebook, regardless of our interests. We can then constantly rediscover new ways to fulfill our interests and evolve, independent of our ego’s satisfaction.

So ask yourself what your truest intentions are: Why do you want to get healthy / fit / promoted / less stressed, etc... by adopting your resolutions? Go deeper, beyond logic, and discover why or why not your goals are really aligned with you.

How did you fulfill your intentions in 2015?

The things we desire most in life almost always evoke some manifestation of the feeling of love. So focus on 2015 events that taught you about happiness and made you feel the good stuff: then you’ll start experiencing more of it. Where attentions goes, energy flows. Focus on how the phenomenal parts of 2015 made you feel. Focus on the moments when you loved so hard that you became invincible to trivialities; when you were inspired to the point of awe; when you were able to laugh and celebrate defeating the impossible. We know you killed it this year – so do yourself a favor and feel it a little.

Whatever you did that felt so soul aligning last year can be used as a tool next year to raise your vibration and uplift you when you need. Continue to cultivate more experiences that rock your world by promising yourself to curiously and consciously discover them every day. 

What actions can you take to make 2016 the perfect fit for you?

Now edit that ‘2016 Goals’ list, based on your 2015 reflections. Maybe you found a way to love your body with radical acceptance last summer, even for a second: why challenge yourself to stick to a rigid, unsexy diet next year? Maybe you found a way to let go of relationships that were not conducive to your evolution, and to trust in the Universe's plan: why challenge yourself to meet "the one" by the end of 2016? Maybe you discovered a super powerful new meditation or breathing exercise that made you feel euphoric: why promise yourself to run miles each morning when you know your body responds amazingly to other practices too? Embrace how your body tells you when your imposed "resolutions" are not working, simply by refusing to let them work out. Don't be afraid to rethink convention. Structure based on misinformation and fear is of no use to you. Discern what it is really best for unique you, and love the fact that it’s going to keep changing!

We challenge you to always go a little deeper in discovering what's really best for your evolution. Remember that no one keeps score of how well you stick to your 2016 promises except YOU. So, maybe, if you can honor your Divine Right to be flexible, feel blissful, and stay true, breaking some resolutions could even be seen as something to celebrate!


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