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#CurrentlyObsessed: Sunday Riley Skincare



If you don't know, now you know... Sunday Riley is where it's at. We've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their products for a while now, and after recently experimenting with the stuff, we're hooked.

What goes on, goes in. This concept is especially important to keep in mind concerning skin and sun care. Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, high-vibe skincare lines out there, but very few are as pure, and downright radical, as Sunday (yes, the woman behind this magical brand is named after the best day of the week). Her potent mixes overflow with Mother Nature's most active ingredients -- alchemizing pure botanicals with advanced chemistry. 

Cultivating a balanced home base is all about the energy of the things around you, and what kind of effect they have on your own energy. We purposely don't fill our bathrooms and kitchen cabinets with anything containing hormone-disrupting additives or genetically-modified anything. We like pure + from the earth, that comes in sleek and sexy packaging. Ditto Sunday Riley -- it doesn't get much more pure mixed with energetically sexy than this.


Here's our faves:




Ceramic Slip Cleanser:
When you start throwing around promises like "ceramic-smooth skin," it's a sure bet we'll give it a whirl. Besides, this baby uses French clay, a powerful detoxifying ingredient found in some of our favorite face masks (also, drinks: for internal detoxification purposes). Clay is on our top list of favorite Mama Gaia ingredients, as it's ancient-Egyptian-bricks-style PACKED with minerals, and draws toxins out of absolutely everything. The fact that such a lavish skincare brand features it as a key ingredient has us obsessed. Also inside: frankincense (the most cleansing and psychically-stimulating of all the oils) and sandalwood (crazy grounding and dream-manifesting). That's some #ThoughtsToThings style face washin'.




Luna Sleeping Night Oil:
Massaging layer upon layer of potent, nourishing creams and oils into the skin during a nightly routine always gives us a feeling that's part virtuous, part extra-fancy. And adding this sumptuous, otherworldly blue potion to the lineup takes things to another, more luxurious, level. Even more awesome -- the small blue bottle boasts some of the most incredible ingredients on the planet (plus retinol). Deliciousness like Avocado Oil, Concord Grape Seed Oil, Chia Seed Oil (!), Chamomile, Neroli, Ylang Ylang...the list goes on...all packed in the most sophisticated box. It comes out looking like a trophy.


Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment:

Sakara is all about creating magical thoughts, in order to create magical things -- and this all begins at the cellular level. And we (physically) can't get much more cellularly deep than the DNA. Just as our food heals and nourishes DNA, so does this incredible serum. Use it for a few weeks, and you will look perpetually bathed in candle light. This serum is working as hard for you as you are working for your dreams. Does your current nightly regimen contain Pricky Pair, Wildcrafted Orchid, and Licorice alongside some Bio-Fermented Yeast? Didn't think so. Get Good Genes, for the long term.


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