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The Experience: New Year's Challenge, Part I

I’ve never written lose 5 pounds, eat less junk, or exercise more on my resolutions. As someone with a history of unhealthy body image and eating patterns, there always seemed something wrong with tainting this sacred opportunity for real life growth with what -- for me -- was a superficial and negative obsession that occupied most other days of the year. New year’s resolutions should be about hope, not hate. Growing, not shrinking.

This year at Sakara, we'e kicking off 2016 with a serious effort to concentrate on the intention behind our efforts. Not necessarily what it is you want to accomplish, but what is it that you want to fuel your actions with. The energy you put behind everything you do determines your outcome, so we partnered with MyIntent to get really specific about what that energy is as we go after the results we crave.

My word came pretty easily; the static noise behind it clearing out almost immediately.


Challenge yourself. Challenge the thoughts you have about yourself, challenge the stories you tell about yourself. Challenge your limits – in work, in love, in adventure – and challenge all the places in your life that you’ve already decided this is where I am, this is how far I can go, this is me.

Having a solid sense of self is powerful. Having a solid sense of yourself as an ever-evolving being…well, that’s what we mean when we say TAKE FLIGHT.

For me, it was impossible to pretend that my relationship with my body was exempt from this intention. So when I discovered an opportunity to take my 2016 Challenge to the next level by combining Sakara's MORE THAN A BODY with Bari's FAILPROOF, it felt as though the Universe had already heard my intent. Here: it's gentle nudge forward.

Bari's mission alone is challenge yourself, but never for the sake of achieving "quick fix" results or having to compromise self-love. Bari absolutely means business, and is about to push my body to all sorts of limits, but all for the sake of the journey in striving to be a better me -- to keep growing, and quit shrinking. They are results-oriented, but focus on how you feel at each step (sound familiar?).

2016 is about being gentle, yet working hard, for long lasting results. And Bari's got my back (and behind) covered.

With Sakara, I am committing to a month of organic, plant-based meals nutritionally designed to rock my body. With Bari, I am committing to 5 weeks of intense, prescripted exercise. With the two, I am committing to challenging my physical and mental limits, and come face to face with that junk I tend to stuff in the back of my closet underneath all those clothes that won’t stay on their hangers. I am challenging myself to change my body in a way that is filled with positivity, hope, and growth. I'm committing to a set plan. And I'm committing to maybe, finally seeing some abs.

Yesterday I met with my (uh-mazing) Bari trainer for my initial measurement. I stepped on the scale, flexed for measurements, and watched the computer screen as she used an ultrasound to show me layers of fat, muscle, and bone in different areas of my body. Then we went over my self assessment, chatted goals, and dove into my Rx -- the workout plan she created for me for the next 5 weeks to achieve said goals.

While some of the challengers have already started, Monday marks the first official day of my program, and I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't say I was giddy with anticipation.

Stay tuned.

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    “The Experience: New Year's Challenge, Part I”
  • Kirby says:

    “New year’s resolutions should be about hope, not hate. Growing, not shrinking.” Just what I needed to hear! So good, G.

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