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7 Steps To Manifest The Powerball Win Tonight

Tryin' to win the Powerball this week? Yeah, us too. But here’s the thing, guys: the $1.5 BILLION is going to go to the one that manifests the hardest. It's fact.

And in the spirit of the treasure chest generosity that is the American Powerball, we’re playing fair game here and letting you in on our special January 13, 2016 meditation practice to manifest the big win.

Let’s get into it:

  • Clean the temple that is your body by eating plants for dinner —  AKA things that come from trees, because guess what also comes from trees? Money. 
  • Put on the most gaudy jewelry you can find (needs to be your own! You're not trying to be a greedy mugger here).
  • Sit down comfortably, preferably on the most lavish, expensive pillow or blanket around (extra manifestation powers if it’s laced with something shiny and/or gold). Calm your breath, calm your mind, calm your body. Stillness leads to silver. 
  • Visualize a large portal opening above your head, being filled with bright golden light & golden nuggets. Allow it infiltrate your entire body — seeping through every cell, bone, tissue, muscle, and organ — until you are completely enveloped in the light of wealth. 
  • For the next couple minutes: breathe in thinking, “I AM” and breathe out saying, “RICH.” Repeat for several minutes. Keep that up until you really and truly feel what it’s like to be infinitely financially secure in this life. Feels crazy refreshing, huh?
  • Now, visualize all the giant, rare, floor-to-ceiling crystals your new ocean-side coffee table inside your permanent galloping residence will be littered with. And speaking of coffee, imagine what it’s like to own and run the biggest sustainable biodynamic coffee farm in the world — sharing the love of biodynamic farming with the world, one cup of java at a time. Starbucks just got an upgrade, thanks to rich -- yet humble! -- you. You go, Sakaralite.
  • When your meditation is complete, close out that portal above your head by expressing gratitude for American Powerball and all that it has brought into your life, and the lives of all other precious sentient beings that roam the planet. Gratitude is the key to manifestation, so make it genuine.


Want some bonus bills? Tape a $20 bill to your heart and keep it with you until the numbers are pulled.

Best of luck!

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