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Why Your Pantry Needs A Makeover

Cultivating an energetically balanced home base goes far beyond the trinkets and shrines you decorate through your corners. It’s goes beyond the things that are settled without, and similarly has everything to do with what goes within. How you keep surfaces clean — or not — has such a direct effect on your energy and thought processes. Think of spaces as food for thought (literally, and figuratively).

See it this way: everything you look at has a direct effect on your state of wellbeing. When babies see something scary and ugly, they cry, but when they see something lovely and beautiful, they smile and laugh. You may not have those immediate reactions anymore, but something scary (dead) and ugly (lack of aura, unappealing) will have a direct affect on your subconscious and sense of balance.

And if all of this is true, then why wouldn’t we want to keep vibrant, living, gorgeous things indie of us? THIS is where your food comes into play. Food is where it all begins…

When you surround, and fill yourself up with the most alive, vibrant foods on the planet, everything around you begins to change and become brighter as well. 

For starters, don’t get stressed about making a change. Recognize that you want to make that change (mantra on repeat: "I am willing to change"), because becoming more conscious of your culinary surroundings is half the work. From now on, when you go to the store, let your body guide you as to what it wants to be filled with.

Think: colors, auras, textures, smells. Quit counting your calories. Count nutrients. How much color can you feed your body in one day? Get back to basics, baby. As long as it grows from the ground (and preferably, is organic), you’re in loving hands.


Here’s some common pantry culprits that can be easily swapped for more nourishment:

  • Skippy Peanut Butter —> Raw almond butter
  • Toast + Butter —> Sourdough + ghee
  • Yogurt —> Coconut yogurt
  • Pickles —> Organic sauerkraut (or, ferment your own!)
  • Chips —> Crunchy, "cheesy" kale chips

What will you be replacing your pantry and counter tops with this year? Keep us updated...pics or it didn't happen :)

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    “Why Your Pantry Needs A Makeover”
  • Kyla says:

    I wish you shipped to Canada :(

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hands in the air for fermentation! Never enough kraut in my life :)

  • Brandi says:

    PLEASE ship to Canada, all the other cool companies do ;).

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