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Group Text: Do You Believe In Aliens?

In honor of the last day of Homebase month this January, we think it's important to expand our perspective on the concept of "home", and think about who (or what) else might see our living quarters as their own...

So let's get into it: Is there extraterrestrial life out there in our ever-expanding universe?! And if so, are they watching us? Are they friendly? Are they busy planning an attack? Or do they not even have this type of complex-homosapien-cerebral-capacity to do good or evil? What is their concept of time? What have they named their galaxy? How big is their Sun? What kind of connection to they have to their "land"?!

All that being said (or, eternally questioned), have you encountered anything suspicious, or been lucky enough to visit one of those alien watch centers in the dessertWhat inexplicable UFO-moments have paid a visit to your own home? And do you believe in aliens??

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    “Group Text: Do You Believe In Aliens?”
  • Kirby says:

    My outer-spaced-obsessed fiance believes beyond a shadow of a doubt (and I’ve come to agree) that there’s life elsewhere, out there somewhere, or at least that there has been at some point. The universe is so huge and limitless, it’s kind of ridiculous and ignorant to assume we are the only living, sentient beings in existence. How could we ever even claim to know? There are billions of suns out there, many of them with planets of their own revolving around them. Space goes on, like, FOREVER. It’s unknowable. Which is amazing and scary and actually beautiful.

  • Suzy says:

    I’ve seen a UFO! Swear on it. Wasn’t a star. Wasn’t a plane. They are definitely watching.

  • Gabby says:

    Yes, there is definitely life out there, but I just don’t think they’re evil. And I don’t think they’re watching us. I think they’re doing their own thang, and as long as we don’t attack them – all will end well. Maybe one day we can either make inter-special(?) babies! Too far?

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