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Happy Chinese New Year! Embrace the Year of the Monkey

2016: The Year of The Monkey

So we’re approaching the New Year, once again: according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. On February 8th we get another shot at a fresh start, as we transition into the Year of the Fire Monkey.

2015 was a Sheep year, associated with more consolidating, reflective ‘yin’ energies. It was more of a year to assess where we’ve been and where we need to go. Things may have felt pretty static last year, from a personal and global perspective.

2016 is going to be a ‘yang’ year: there will be more active, excited energy. This year will have different implications for different signs. (If you don’t know yours, you can find out here).

Get ready for some serious monkey vibes. From a universal perspective, the year of the Monkey is going to strongly embody the characteristics of the Monkey sign: both the good and the not so good. We can expect a fair amount of unpredictability: things may not be as they seem, and events may not go as planned. There’s no knowing what a monkey is going to do next -- let’s get ready for some radical transitions, uncertainty and change.

If we mix all this with the strong presence of the fire element, passion, fun, and inspiration may reach a whole new level this year.

Like all things, when we find ourselves going too far in one direction, we need to lean a little to the other side to find balance again. If you’re feeling like you’re a little more introverted and stagnant than the Monkey, take the risk to free yourself from your inhibitions and embody the Monkey’s dynamic, risk-taking enthusiasm. If you’re relating a little too much to the Monkey personality, keep yourself in check by grounding yourself more so you don’t get swept away with your impulses.

Monkeys literally do monkey business. They will often be found passionately engaging in a wide range of projects and ideas, but also have a tendency to move on to the next thing before following through with the last. We’d do best to be extra cautious and aware of where we direct our focus this year, or else this type of chaotically curious energy may make completing things a little tricky.

Monkey energy can be a fantastic thing in terms of communication, innovation and enterprise. Monkeys love to chat, collaborate, socialize and create -- so we have the opportunity to capitalize on clever Monkey energy in all our ambitions. New business idea? Just go for it. But make sure to check everything twice so the jokester Monkey doesn’t pull a sly one on you. Globally, this can even mean that this year could find some momentum economically and political plans may start to leap into action.

But we must all keep one thing in mind: in order to thrive and survive under Monkey energies, we need to be more monkey-like: let’s make a huge effort to be flexible, clever, quick and nimble. An adaptable and opportunistic mentality is the key to keeping up with the pace and adjusting to change and unexpectedness without trouble.

Let’s meet the cheekiness of this year with excitement! Let’s remain open and eager for all things new and adventurous.

We encourage you to keep all this in mind as we enter this new chapter. Even the astrological-athiests among us should stay curious -- Chinese astrology may seem like a funny concept, but it is actually based on symbolism of the I Ching, the oldest of all classical divination systems. Every sign’s energies are fundamentally based on the interplay of the yin and yang and the Five Taoist Elements energies in the natural universe at different points in time.

In the East, the changing astrological influences have been a trusted indicator of the diversity of our human nature and the path of our evolution. Let’s take a little wisdom for ourselves in the West. Now we know all about the mercurial energy that's heightened within us and around us this year, so let’s work with it, not against it.

Bring it on, Monkey year. We’re ready for you.

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