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Moon Watch: New Moon in Aquarius

Tonight’s New Moon in Aquarius is beckoning you to acknowledge how far we have all come in the last year. The Aquarian Age is decidedly upon us; look how far we have come politically, environmentally, technologically, and spiritually just in the last decade…and yes, there are more than one or two negativities that we could focus on, but since we know so well that where attention goes, energy flows, how could we not put everything that we have into all that is well and warm on this dark night?

Coincidentally, today is Chinese New Year (so again, happy 2016!). We are entering the year of the Monkey, meaning that this is the year we get to chase our dreams with all the playfulness and spontaneity of Rafiki. Asante sana squash banana! Be the open-minded change that you wish to see in the world over the next 365 days. When you fully embody that which you desire, you become a metaphysical healer for those around you, simply by example. Aim to love yourself more tonight — especially all those cheeky, weirder facets to your personality. They will take you far. That kind of self-love will change the world. Thanks for being you.

 Traits Amplified: Collaboration, maturity, expectation, organization, perseverance, reflection, fluidity

Questions to Ask: How can I be better organized in my day-to-day life? What personal obstacles have I overcome with grace in the last year? What are some of my favorite ways to express myself? What collective energies can I be more open to? What does my creativity look, taste, and feel like tonight?

What to Go For: Be yourself why don’t ya! Don’t feel like you have to conform to everything that everyone around you is doing. Sure, go with the flow, and adaptation is necessary, but don’t lose that sense of what makes you feel at home in your own beautiful body. And while you’re at it, get rid of that mentality that places you above and beyond the crowd. Recognize that we are all One — you are made of the same star stuff, and have the same loving creator, as your neighbor (and that bird on your windowsill). Channel this collective energy tonight, and remain receptive to the collaborative creativity that runs through you. Recognize that you can’t do everything alone, and neither can your boss. That’s why you have each other, right? We must remain open to the ideas and dreams of others if we want to make this planet a better place to live on. And we want that, don't we? (insert high-five emoji).

What to Watch Out For: Immaturity — in yourself, and in others. This New Moon is begging you to stop looking so narrowly into society, and the entire material world, to teach you how to be, and who you’re suppose to be. Society can’t teach you to grow up if you don’t actually know how to on your own. What does maturity look like to you, without words clothes or language? Be that. It’s time that we look within, no longer without, to find what our individual version of this “grown-up world” looks + feels like. Start embodying it, and you will become it. Also, quit blaming your real-world situation for the utter unhappiness you may be experiencing. It’s not the city’s fault, but your own. What’s going on inside that chest of yours that’s causing you such unnecessary upset? Our outer reality is a direct mirror of our inner reality. Change from within, and everything outside will begin falling into place, I swear. Think before you speak, and most definitely before you react. You are supported, and you are loved. We can do this…together.

"The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it." --Rafiki

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    “Moon Watch: New Moon in Aquarius”
  • Meagan says:

    Agreed, sister. You’re not alone. It’s so stupidly easy to write off all the Good we have contributed to the world, and get stuck in that mind-set of “ugh well here’s all the things I DIDNT accomplish this year” or, get sucked into the cognitively appealing cycle of samsara. But we have all have strides this year. Whatever that looks like. And how delicious is it to focus more on THOSE things? It makes for happy days :) xx

  • Kristina says:

    So well said, Meagan! Love this :)
    “What personal obstacles have I overcome with grace in the last year? " – I forget sometimes to be proud of myself for everything I overcame in 2015. I made HUGE changes. Yet my default is to think I’m unworthy or haven’t “done” anything.

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