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Getting Red Carpet Ready With Sakara, Furthermore from Equinox & Violet Grey: Week 2

Like any transformation, becoming a red carpet bombshell requires a strong, sturdy foundation. And now that you’ve re-calibrated your system with the help of a few food-based cleansing practices from Sakara Life, started prepping your skin for the cameras thanks to tips from VIOLET GREY and gotten into your workout groove with the help of Furthermore of Equinox, you’re ready to solidify the structure for radical change (and a body that will land your look on the best-dressed list). This week is all about stoking your inner fire, so it can power the achievement of all your wildest, most glamorous red carpet dreams. That means fueling your body with powerful plant-based protein, optimizing each meal with superfoods that maximize nutrition without throwing off your portion sizes and helping your body perform all of its essential functions as efficiently as possible. You’re also going to create a flawless canvas with some extra-nourishing skin-pampering. And finally, fill up your water bottle (maybe grab an extra one) and get ready, because you’re about to increase your strength training to get on the fast-track toward lean, sculpted arms and legs. Let's get started.

DIET, a la Whitney & Danielle, Sakara Life


Rethink protein...because you can get it from some surprising plant-based sources. Did you know that kale has three delicious grams of protein in each cup? A handful in a smoothie here, a big salad for lunch there...it adds up quickly. Get a boost of essential aminos by having a handful of raw nuts as a pre-workout snack or fixing a dinner bowl with black beans, lentils or quinoa. End the snack cycle (or at least, snack smarter). Try your very best to resist the urge to snack between meals (go for lemon water or hot tea instead!), to give your body a much-needed, deeply cleansing break from digesting food. That said, it’s normal to feel a little hungry between meals sometimes, especially when you’re giving your eating habits a makeover. Be prepared with clean, healthy snacks (like raw, cut-up veggies, raw nuts and seeds, or anything from our Clean Boutique!), and make sure you’re properly hydrated, since hunger pangs are often just dehydration in disguise. Add a helping of nutrient-dense superfoods to every meal. They’re called “super” for a reason. They help you make the most of every meal by allowing you to get the maximum amount of nutrients in portion sizes that are ideal for cleansing and optimal digestion. Try some hemp hearts sprinkled on top of a salad or a scoop of spirulina in a smoothie. Take a shot of immunity-boosting ACV each morning. When you’re in the middle of an accelerated red carpet prep plan, the last thing you need is a sore throat and the sniffles slowing you down. Show your body’s illness-fighting system some support and it will support you all flu season long. Apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of your body, which in turn allows your immune system to function optimally (i.e. to be an iron-clad defense against sickness). It also happens to rev the metabolism and rid bloat like nothing else out there. Dilute your shot of ACV in a glass of water to make it easier on your tummy. Want to really up your wellness game? Try our recipe for Fire Cider, one of the most powerful healing tonics around.


BEAUTY a la Kira Nasrat, VIOLET GREY Brand Ambassador

Aside from exfoliating and keeping skin hydrated, you’ve got to go the extra mile to maintain skin, especially when you’re trying to accelerate red carpet ready results. Boosting radiance, tightening and firming are key to a beautiful complexion. Quick fixes might be tempting, especially when you’re on a deadline, but Kira’s advice is to skip the plastic surgeon’s office and ZIIP your face into perfection. The ZIIP device boosts radiance, kills bacteria that contribute to acne and accelerates the skin’s cellular repair. While a visit to a Beverly Hills doctor can cost thousands of dollars, the ZIIP lets you DIY a facial from the comfort of your own home (for a fraction of the price). In Kira’s expert opinion, there's nothing more sophisticated than a device that uses electric currents to stimulate firmness, tighten skin, and heal. She offers this pro tip: When using the ZIIP, make sure to really massage it into the skin in gentle, circular motions. It’s normal for skin to twitch--it’s just the electric currents working their magic! To ensure skin is completely nourished, Kira recommends using the Golden Conductive Gel Treatment. Also, keep in mind that skin must always be protected from the sun—she suggests Révive’s Renewal Cream with SPF 30, which is an intensive moisturizer that also promotes firming. The formula is designed to help increase skin’s elasticity, with antioxidants and SPF 30 to help protect against free radicals and UVB/UVA rays that can contribute to visible signs of aging. 

BODY a la Simone Tchouke, Equinox Tier 3 Trainer

Monday: A leg day: Focus on the quads with movements like squats, lunges, and leg presses. Complement those with upper-body moves that target the shoulders and triceps (think push-ups and overhead/shoulder presses). (1 to 1.5 hours total) Tuesday: Another strength session, this time focused on the hamstrings. (You worked the front side of your legs yesterday, now it’s time to focus on the opposite side.) Some good hamstring-specific exercises include Romanian deadlifts, glute bridges, hamstring curls, and good mornings. Since you did pushing movements for your upper body, now do the opposite: Pull-ups, lat pull-downs and horizontal rows. (1 to 1.5 hours total) Wednesday: Steady-state cardio, yoga or rest. A group fitness class that uses only bodyweight works, too—something like a cardio-heavy boxing class, like The Cut. Just be sure after two straight days of strength, you’re not lifting any more weights. (1 hour) Thursday: Repeat Monday’s session. Friday: Repeat Tuesday’s session. Saturday: Cardio: If you took a class on Wednesday, stick to steady-state cardio on the machine of your choice. (1 hour) Sunday: Rest

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