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Group Text: Where's Your Favorite Place in Your City for Date Night?

It's Saint Valentines week! (in the event that you weren't already aware...) So it's only appropriate that we ask: where oh where is your favorite place in your city to have the dreamiest of dreamy V-day dates? And, not even just V-day dates, but date nights in general... All opinions welcome. What city are you in, and do you have any favorite on-the-lowdown local spots (we can keep a secret)? Do you have a tradition? Or do you change it up every year? If you don't really have any favorite home-town digs, where oh where in the whole wide world would you go? I choose hours of Veuve and dancing in Paris, particularly at Derriere, followed by a midnight stroll (with raw chocolate + more Veueve on Pont Alexandre III). Your turn.
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    “Group Text: Where's Your Favorite Place in Your City for Date Night?”
  • Gabby says:

    My manfriend and I are children at heart so we both love rollerblading in Dumbo, ice skating at Prospect Park, or some grungy bowling at the Gutter (all of these in Brooklyn). This year we’re going to Mother Of Pearl where our girl Daphne Chang is the new executive chef!! I also think Maman in Tribeca is a perfect date spot :)

  • Erin says:

    I love The Fat Radish for any kind of date night, and Palma in the West Village is BEAUTIFUL, delicious, and very romantic for Valentine’s Day. Also love L’artusi and Il Buco too.

  • Danielle says:

    In NYC- Po on Cornelia, The Fat Radish, Raoul’s on Prince St.

  • Lianna says:

    If not in bed with wine, candles, movie and a makeout sesh, then definitely Bacaro for a low-key cave-like dim-lit vibe. Also, you’ll never have a bad time at Roberta’s in Bushwick.

  • Freya says:

    I absolutely love Il Buco in NYC for a cozy dinner. Enjoying a big Barolo together followed by a googly-eyed moonlit walk is the best thing ever.

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