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Link Love. What We're Reading This Week

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



How to Create a Cozy Sleeping Space, Free People

"Sleep is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It’s essential for the healing of our bodies. A good night’s sleep feels incredible and one way to amplify this feeling is to create a sanctuary of a space in which to fall asleep."



Will Coffee Help You Live Longer?, S-Life Mag

"Science continues to be right -- proving our mere assumptions wrong -- as physics and mathematics are the language of God, if you will. Because in the physical realm, science provides us with undeniable answers to the realest things we know…the things that taste just so damn good. Especially first thing in the morning."



Breaking Up Shame, Man Repeller

"We talk about shaming all the time — body-shaming, slut-shaming and so forth, but what about break-up-shaming? Is a guy really an asshole for doing what we, as women, would probably call The Noble Thing if we were in their positions, ending a relationship based on our feeling like were weren’t providing what the relationship deserved?"



Petition Urges Facebook to Remove 'Fat' as a Feeling, Ryot

"A new petition is urging Facebook to remove the term “fat” from its list of optional feelings. The organization Endangered Bodies started the Change.org petition that now has over 15,600 signatures in support of removing the word from the feelings options."



Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein's Theory, New York Times

"A team of physicists who can now count themselves as astronomers announced on Thursday that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prophecy of Einstein’s general theory of relativity."



Kayapacha Report: Sometimes Life Will Take Away What I Hold So Dear, Mystic Mamma

"The last new Moon in Aquarius set the stage for a month of ‘awakening,’ and part of that awakening may involve letting go of some cherished people, places, things, dreams, and/or illusions. The good news is that these experiences can also be doors that open our perception to the secret workings, intentions, and even future plans of Great Spirit."

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