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One Kings Lane's Expert Decorating Tips You Need To Try This Weekend

Lord knows, the art of tidying up just feels so incredibly...sexy. There's something so freeing and utterly nourishing about having a consciously curated home base (and not to mention, entire life...but one step at a time, right?). We got together with One Kings Lane's Head Designer Alex Reid for a Q+A session inside the magical place that is the OKL showroom.

Here's what Alex has to say about how + why you need to get real(er) with your so-far-left-un-decorated spaces: 

Why is a well-decorated space so essential for our well-being? Because your surroundings influence the way you operate, and we all want to be operating at our best. A well decorated space can help people live a better, more beautiful life.

What excites you about decoration? Knowing that a properly decorated space can be reflective of it's inhabitants.

How important is the lighting / light fixtures of a room? Lighting is KEY. It creates a mood, and makes a space shine. A well lit room should be lit evenly and have layers from overheads, table lamps, floor lamps, and pops of soft ambient light -- such as art lamps. When you can, add a dimmer.

What about rugs? How important are they? What do you advise to keep in mind when rug shopping? Furniture, lighting, and rugs are the three key elements to any space. Rugs ground an area and give it a sense of purpose, as well as a warmth. When shopping for a rug, bring home a few and try them out in your space -- pick the winner. Sometimes, rugs appear different online or in stores than they do in your own home. Also, try layering your rugs for more texture.

What s your personal philosophy of decorating? It's all about the proper mix and the layers -- I was the first decorator at One King's Lane, and in turn, have been able to use my own philosophy on decorating to influence the brand.

What are some of your favorite ways to DIY a space, using most of what you already have? Rearrange your furniture in a way that you haven't ever had it in your space before. It gives you a new perspective and helps you to see what you can edit and replace.

What are your 5 favorite DIY design tips? 1) EDIT: sometimes we can get we so bogged down with our spaces because we have too much going on. Get a new perspective, and edit. 2) LAYER your rugs. 3) SHOWCASE your tchotchkies in collections. 4) MAKE YOUR BED: you'll feel better when you get home from a long day. 5) BUY A PLANT: orchids or fresh flowers in a vase once a week will give a sense of life to your home.

What are your favorite colors / designs for...

an office, and why? Keep it light and bright with pops of black, because it's chic and timeless.

the bedroom? Keep it calm with soft neutrals, because your bedroom is your sanctuary 

the kitchen? I love an all white kitchen (and bathroom!), because it's clean and these spaces are kind of utilitarian -- it's nice to keep them simple and easy.

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*Also guys, you can (from anywhere in the US) book an appointment with Alex, or one of One Kings Lanes other incredibly design-savvy and time-saving designers via the Studio. Spiffy.

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