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The Bedtime Wellness Routine That Will Help You Sleep

Now all you need is the discipline to turn off Netflix.

Can’t sleep? Us neither. It must be something about the ever present brightly lit screen, or the fact that when we finally do stop catching up on Snapchat, our minds just. can’t. stop. There must be some cognitive behavioral therapy or psychological trick to slow it down and close our eyes, and yet here we are at three in the morning still wondering if we really should have sent that email. So we started chatting with our friends over at Sakara Life and S-Life Mag—who tend to know what’s what as far as wellness is concerned—and they promised a routine wherein we would never suffer from endless mind circles (no therapy) that would result in falling asleep faster and having a better quality sleep. Here's to a good night's rest."

Sometimes, the best nights make for the roughest mornings (see: New Year’s Day, the day after your birthday, the first Monday after Coachella…). Of course, it all depends on how you define “best,” and when the focus is a little less on martinis and a little more on wellness rituals, the best nights can actually make for the brightest, most productive, most inspired mornings—the kind where you actually drink that warm water with lemon and do your 20 minutes of meditation. The trick is in compartmentalizing your harried, hectic day, settling your mind and indulging in a bit of self-care. Ready to get tucked in? Dreamland is just five steps away.



…Or at least sleep soundly. Preparation for a good night’s rest starts long before bedtime, at least when it comes to food. Because the body has to put in some serious work to produce the enzymes required to digest food and then deliver nutrients throughout your system, a big meal right before bed does not make for the best quality sleep. Although the classic American diet dictates that the last meal of the day is the largest, many other cultures (from the oft-imitated French to Ayurvedic practitioners) know the havoc this wreaks on your digestive system and your slumber.

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