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Moon Watch: Solar Eclipse New Supermoon in Pisces

What a powerful night we have here! In fact, the entire month of March 2016 may just be the most powerful month of the year (we have two eclipses!). These 30 days are packed full of emotion and change — the good kind. Use your favorite tools (i.e. meditation, exercise, self-love, writing...) to help break through any current pain and suffering, so you may discover the joy in what is, and send it 100% gratitude for being the key to manifesting your wildest dreams. Tonight's New Moon is a SuperMoon (meaning, it's super close to Earth) coupled with a Solar Eclipse (meaning, it's parked between the Sun and the Earth) in Pisces (ruling our emotions, creativity and imagination). Whoa. As always, New Moon's are times to plant new seeds; as is with this Moon in particular -- six months from now, watch your seeds sprout and grow into big, beautiful vines of exotic new flowers and prosperity. You will begin to see and experience a whole new world. Want a 180 lifestyle change? Well, what's stopping you? Ask for what you really NEED right now. Since Pisces rules imagination, allow yourself to be completely swept away. What a gift it is to be able to slip out of day-to-day tasks to indulge in the dream world. Your imagination can be just as real as your reality, if and when you recognize it as such, and begin living as if all you want is already yours. Though, all of this isn’t to say that things are going to be all easy and dreamy — past pain and ancestral energies are penetrating your consciousness, possibly making you ill. But, allow them to! Again, you're on the brink of breakthrough, so use your tools, and become a loving healer not only for yourself, but for your former self, for your family, and for the ancestors that have shaped you. Forgive yourself, forgive them, and soar into the future. You are whole.


Traits Amplified: Forgiveness, empathy, self-love, discovery, integration, change, awareness.

Questions to Ask: What do I need to let go of? What situations trigger fear in me? What do I wish to manifest in my life 6 months from now? How can I commune more with Mother Earth? What is keeping my dreams from coming true?

What to Go For: Feeling, feeling, feeling. Feel everything! Don’t suppress it with television, music, small talk or excuses. Allow yourself to feel what comes up, and take note of where it comes from. What sorts of people / situations is that feeling attached to? And while you’re at it, escape into your dreams. Pisces wants you to today, but, be selective about what you imagine — this is your manifesting power. What you are imagining, you are asking the Universe to make a reality. Give yourself some time and space today to really feel what it's like to live in your perfect world -- one where there is complete peace and harmony, love and light (tropical plants and supportive friends...). Let yourself be there, even if just for today. Hold onto that love and let integrate it into your aura, and to everything you touch.

What to Watch Out For: Exhaustion from all those emotions…don’t let it keep you inside. Get out and bask in the sunshine, stick your feet in the grass or lay down on the ground — just do something to find your roots! There is so much we can learn from the Earth right now (about what she needs from us) so try not to get distracted by your phone while outside today. Feel the air, and be present. Don’t let ancestral ties and old karmic patterns keep you from moving forward and loving deeper. Past trauma, heartbreak, disease, whatever it may be, is unsettling, and can scare us away from speaking our Truth. Cut all ties to any family (or personal) “story” that keeps you from feeling whole and healed.

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