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#CurrentlyObsessed: Building A Life, Not A Resume

The definition of success is different for each person, usually consisting of a unique cocktail created over time that involves career, family, awards, travel, money, status, etc. I feel very fortunate to grow up in a time and place where the perception of success is continually shifting from something you have to list on a resume, to something that you get to determine for yourself. From something that you see to something you feel.

But this way of living can be easier said than done. If the goal of life is no longer to get X job with Y salary and Z house in W(?) neighborhood, then how do you figure out what success means to you and how do you live in that space?

This concept is something that Jason Wachob, founder and CEO of MindBodyGreen, explores in his first book WELLth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume. Jason played Division I Basketball at Columbia. He worked on Wall Street. He spent more nights in hotels across the country than he did at home in his apartment. He struggled with countless doctors appointments leaving him feeling just as tired, in pain, and uninspired as before he talked through the door. He went after W, X, Y and Z, and the result was a body, mind, and soul that were not in line with one another, not balanced, and not healthy.

Jason’s experience in life might differ significantly from yours in certain fundamental ways – sure do from mine – but at the core of each word in his book, is the mission of helping each person understand what wellness feels like in their body, their mind, their soul, and their life. He goes through every nook and cranny of life – from what to eat to the importance of laughter as a pillar in your life – and shares the big, tangible, action-oriented takeaways that he has learned through the ups and downs. The most important lessons he has learned to achieve true wellness that feel so right in his body.

After all, isn’t true wellness a synonym for true success?

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