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Words To Live By: The 10 Must-Read Quotes Everyone Should Read This AM

Whether you think words to yourself, write them down, or say them out loud, those letters strung together are the very first step in the process of manifestation: turning your dreams into your reality. It's important to be careful with our words. And it's important to surround ourselves with words that inspire us, ground us, and remind us what life is all about. Here are our top 10 fave. Sing 'em from the rooftops, Sakaralite.

1.  Angela Shore, Jiva Apoha founder


“Beauty is beauty. As long as you’re being good to yourself, I think the natural aging process is the most beautiful thing.”


2. Cleo Wade, Artist/ Poet


“How could I not do everything in my power to give thanks to my body and talk to my body in a way that makes it kind of joyous in wanting to give back to me?”


3. Gabby Bernstein, Motivational Speaker/ Life Coach


“If you want to let go of negativity in your life, stop being so negative. If you start to change your conversations, your patterns, your energy… Then you’re no longer a match for that type of energy in your life. The people that are in those negative vibes won’t resonate with you anymore, and will just fall away.”


4. Ally Bogard, Yogi / Coach / Mentor


"Walls are awesome. They build us structure. I don’t want to be this boundary-less, free, disembodied, wall-less person…I love my grip, I love my friction, I love the places inside of me that are small and limited because at least it gives me something to do.”


5Kamaryn Potter, Stylist


"In order to gain anything or to grow, I’ve learned there always has to be a sacrifice. It doesn’t have to be this big dramatic sacrifice, but it can be something or someone internally you’ve identified with that doesn’t serve you anymore, and it’s learning to let go of that in order to grow yourself and become the person you’re supposed to be.”


6. Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice founder


“What I’ve found is my life experience, and my life on that extra five to ten pounds of juiciness, has given me the direct experience of more happiness, more energy, bigger thoughts, more stamina, better sex, happier giggles, I have more energy for my child, I have more for my friends – I actually am just happier with myself. I have a stronger connection to the universe, I’m having more vivid conversations with God, it’s kind of rad. Really dropping into that experience, and living it … I think it’s kinda cute.”


7.  Taryn Toomey, The Class founder


"If you can actually get into the beat, not just in class but in actual life, of what’s occurring right now and talk to it, you change your perspective. Yeah, it’s intense because it’s change and change is intense. When you’re in change do you say… 'Oh its tough, its pain its not for me, get me out. That’s enough, I’m scared.' ? OR do you go, 'Woah, I’m right here in the middle of change and I have a couple of choices I can either settle myself, I can use my voice, I can use my self to allow myself to take the strength and that applies in the physical way.' "


8. Alexandra Bonetti, Bari Studio founder


“I think the recipe for success in this lifestyle is finding your crowd. The more you can create that community of like-minded people, the more successful your tribe is going to be.”


9. Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry Designer


"We aren’t perfect. We all fuck up. It’s just a matter of realizing that you’re human. Kids are resilient, we’re resilient, and it’s just a matter of trying to make sure once you’ve realized you’ve done something wrong, not to do it again.”


10. TK Wonder + Cipriana Quann, Urban Bush Babes


“It’s definitely worth it to take the plunge into something that feels right. I think sometimes, we are so much in our heads, that we let it rule our world and sometimes you have to just listen to your heart, because it’s there for a reason — I mean, besides the physical aspect keeping you alive (laughs). I feel now, as I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to feel more in tune with my intuition and listening to it. It hasn’t led me wrong yet."

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