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The Under-the-Radar Mineral You Need to Be Eating (And Where to Find It!)

We know we need our proteins, omegas, fibers and antioxidants and we know where to get them (a smoothie with kale, almond butter, blueberries and chia seeds, thank you very much!). But there’s one mineral that, although it rarely gets talked about, is absolutely essential for optimal digestion, bright skin and an all-around healthy body. And that mineral is sulfur.

While this all-important mineral doesn’t sound quite as sexy as the usual superfood suspects—you probably won’t be adding it to the aforementioned smoothie anytime soon—it’s definitely just as powerful, if not more so. And the more you know about sulfur’s copious body benefits, the more you’ll want to make incorporating it into your diet a priority (don’t worry—it’s easy and tasty, promise).

Sulfur is in fact one of the most abundant minerals present in the human body. It’s involved with hundreds of physiological processes and metabolic reactions, from protein synthesis to cellular respiration; life simply couldn’t go on without it. While a degree in biochemistry helps when it comes to intimately understanding sulfur and its many activities, here are some of its key functions. 

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