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Link Love: The Links We're Clicking From Around the Web

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



The 6 Best Apps for Meditation, Bazaar AUS

"The benefits? Reduced anxiety and stress, improved concentration, better sleep and overall happiness, so it's no surprise this health craze is sticking. The only hard bit is scheduling in regular zen time into our busy days. Thankfully, there's an app for that." 



Bookmark Me: 12 Natural Remedies to Soothe an Upset Stomach, Chalkboard Mag

"Rather than reach for an over-the-counter quick fix, we’re stocking up on a couple of these natural remedies via Dana Raidt of Hello Glow. Swipe up a few of these teas and tonics to keep on hand…"



Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible to Love Anyone Else, Thought Catalog

"Strive to find someone who cradles your dark, who embraces your light, someone who always wants to be your best when you yourself are not your best; someone who reminds you of every strong thing you are whenever you feel feeble."



Understanding How to Move and Manipulate EnergyGoop

"We often complicate the word energy by trying to define it in scientific or mystical terms. All we need to understand energy is to get quiet and feel into ourselves or our surroundings. For example, when we feel present, our energy is grounded; when we feel attraction or repulsion, we may feel an energetic charge; when we laugh or cry, we may feel a discharge of our energy."



Recipe! Vegan + G-Free Matcha Pop Tarts, S-Life Mag

"Vegan, gluten-free, clean, whole food pop tarts….with matcha!? Get ready to have your mind, and taste buds, blown."



Astrology for April 2016 by Sarah Varcas: Spiritual Warriors, Mystic Mamma

"Thankfully the second half of April provides ample opportunity to refresh and regroup, offering inner space in which to consider where we go from here. The Uranus/Eris conjunction is releasing from the collective psyche repressed pain and issues ignored for too long by too many. We are the conduits for those feelings and are all beholden to find the highest and wisest way to channel them for good."

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