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Balance is the Key to Wellness? We've Got Proof.

Think of wellness like a simple equation: what you do x how often you do it = results.

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, you’ve definitely got the first part—what you do—covered. You eat an abundance of hydrating, nutrient-dense whole fruits and vegetables, focusing on a rainbow-hued variety of plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and healing superfoods. Science shows that these are the best possible foods you can eat for overall wellness. They are the foods designed to fuel and heal our bodies.

But what about the second part? What you eat is only half of the equation that leads to what you really want—soaring energy, glowing skin, stable moods, an inspired mind and your best body ever, to name a few. The other half is how often you eat those foods. 20 day cleanse? 80/20? Cheat days?

It's much simpler than all that: eat this way the majority of the time to make magic happen.

We've worked with some of the world’s top experts in health, wellness, nutrition and medicine. We've studied a number of ancient healing philosophies, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda. We've experimented with raw food, macrobiotics, superherbs and constitution-specific meals. And while we believe each school of thought has its own incredible powers, we've discovered that the profound common thread running through each one was this: balance is the key to wellness.

This journey of discovery, study, and experimentation brought us to where we are today—feeding our clients the best-quality life-giving nutrients the Earth has to offer, so that you can build the body and the life of your dreams with all the plant-based nutrition you need. So how often do you have to stick to the Sakara Life to get these dream-worthy results? Consistently. As your baseline. The majority of the time. As often as possible.

You can trust that we are equipping you with the tools you need to create the building blocks of your ideal self, so that you can fully experience your weekends, your dinner parties, and your nights out free from worry about “cheating” or “slipping”. Those words don't exist in the Sakara vocabulary. And how do we know that all of this rings true? Well, in just one week, 48% of our Sakaralites experience weight loss, 31% have significantly clearer skin, 41% increased energy levels, 52% have far less sugar cravings, 49% have improved digestion, and 35% have an increased mind-body connection. In just one week. The proof is in the probiotic cacao avocado pudding (one of our new spring menu breakfast favorites...).

We're here for you -- but in the meantime, feel the pull toward whatever fills your heart, and follow it wherever it takes you. Connect fully, love deeply, celebrate wildly. Raise a glass, take a bite, savor every single moment. No restriction. No guilt. We’ll be right here waiting for you come Monday morning.


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