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All you need is LOVE

“In truth, the work of love is tending to small things completely. Such tending opens the mystery. By the large-heartedness of our smallest attention, we enter the ocean of love that carries us all.”  A life well lived is one where attention is placed on what you love. Easy, right? Images of family, a fulfilling career, a warm home, and adventurous travel all come to mind. All of the big things, the greater experiences, the long-lasting relationships, the all-encompassing life goals. But what about the little things? The light at a certain time of day in your home. Your energetic presence after your favorite workout. Looking UP and re-discovering the buildings, the clouds, the sun. A certain someone. The work of love is tending to small things. It’s taking the large, powerful, encompassing power of the heart and applying it to the smallest details, the most minuscule of movements, the most fleeting of sensations. It is through this intention and this action that true MAGIC is created and a life well lived is born. Suddenly, every corner is filled with light, every breath with gratitude, every interaction with compassion. By tending to the small, we enter the ocean of love that carries us all. As the countdown to Valentine's Day begins, we urge you to, with intention, place your attention on the small. Step by step, breath by breath, bite by bite. NYC Sakaralites, join us for a special 4-Day program that will celebrate each little detail that makes you up, carrying your mind, body, and spirit away on this sexy ocean of LOVE that nourishes us each and every day. Are you ready for your best Valentine's Day yet? We sure are. X

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