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Post Burning Man Detox


That’s what anyone who goes to Burning Man will tell you it is. Or they won't want to tell you because, darling sakaralite, you deserve to go and experience the journey for yourself!...But what about the come down? The come back? The re-entry into THIS world? There is an undoubtable transition that occurs post-burning man and the beauty comes from being able to bring some of that fairy dust back into the real world. You may be sad, you may be overwhelmed, you may be nostalgic, hey, you may even be angry, and that is okay! Follow these steps for a meaningful, reflective, post-burning man detox solution:

Moisturize. Your skin will no doubt be dry and cracked from the weeklong experience it has gone through. Black Rock is a hot hot desert filled with dry heat, frequent dust storms, burning hot rays, and cold cold nights. The conditions are harsh and your skin will take the most brutal of beatings. So, upon your return show it some love. Soak in a hot bath with lemon to wash away any lingering dust remains and then lather yourself with your favorite moisturizer of choice. Our Sakara reco: when in doubt go with coconut oil. Not only will the coconut oil leave your skin thoroughly quenched and hydrated, but the delicious smell will warm your heart and help soothe any blues you might be feeling!

Reflect. You just had quite an experience, and you deserve to take the time to sort it all out. Write it down, tell your friends, blog about it, get it out there. You will want to remember this experience years down the road, so even if you aren’t in the mood right now, make sure to document it somehow while it’s fresh. Your future self will thank you. Talking and writing about the journey can also be quite therapeutic. You might feel overwhelmed being back in the ‘real-world’ and re-telling your experience can remind you how meaningful it was and how it can apply to you in your everyday life. You, without a doubt, will experience things in that valley that will activate you to make changes and re-adjust yourself. Telling your story will help you remember and commit to being this post-burning man self you had envisioned. Don’t waste your experience. Write it in stone and let it make you the best you moving forward.

Eat your way to happiness. Food is therapy. Food is healing. When you return from Black Rock, consciously choose the foods you eat in order to elevate your mood. Eat lots and lots of dark leafy greens, as they contain vitamins and nutrients that are key to mood boosting. Our top recommendation is collard greens because they are rich in Vitamin C and magnesium, which work to covert amino acids, tryptophan and tyrosine, to serotonin and dopamine…that’s a guaranteed recipe for happy vibes. Definitely load up on spaghetti squash, as this delicious pasta alternative contains carotenoids that help protect neurotransmitter receptors from free radical damage, ensuring they can continue to play happy messages when you need them most. Blue potatoes and blueberries both contain the phytonutrient anthocyanins, which helps activate happy thoughts in your brain…so beat your blues with these baby blues. Load up on your avocado fixings as this deliciously healthy fat contains serotonin, the numero uno feel-good neurotransmitter. And last but not least, when in sunken doubt, indulge in some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium, a mineral that calms your muscles and eases anxiety.

You came, you went, you conquered Burning Man. You had a trip of a lifetime and coming back to reality isn’t easy. Take the time to detox properly…there’s nothing that a little soothing R&R, reflection, and happy eats can’t fix.

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