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Legs? Butt? Abs? The ONE Body Part We're Obsessed With.

At this point you know that you are more microbe than human. You get it.



You know that the bacteria living in and on you outnumber your cells TEN to One – meaning that 90% of the cells in your body actually belong to other species and that the prominence and HEALTH of these bacteria are essential for the health of your entire mind+body…and, therefore, spirit.


From the time we are born, our microbiomes train our immune system to recognize the good bacteria from the bad, slowly building up a fierce army that will protect us day in and day out. These trusty little microbes patrol our bodies, looking out for pathogens, guarding their territories and helping our inner ecosystems THRIVE so that the rest of our body can THRIVE, sans toxic foreigners.


These microscopic little beings are responsible for the health of our immune system, our metabolism, and the manufacture of neurotransmitters that play a role in emotions, stress, anxiety, learning, and memory. This means that the state of your microbiome directly affects both temperament and weight. This should give you a bit of insight as to why the microbiome is taking the health world by storm: your ability to maintain your weight, remain disease-free, and feel full of love, light, and joy comes down to how your microbiome is reacting to your practices. Just as our Sakara mamas eat for 2, each and every one of us is eating for 10 trillion! So take the time to show some LOVE to the precious little life-forces that protect your vitality and help you soar:


1)    Avoid antibiotics. We get that sometimes your health will require antibiotics, but avoid eating antibiotic foods at all costs! Did you know that most livestock are injected with antibiotics to help them gain weight?! They are not treated with antibiotics to cure or prevent infection, but to literally change the microbiota inside their guts to the composition of a species that is associated with obesity. Would you like your gut microbiome to resemble that of a fattened up cow? Yeah, we didn't think so.


2)    Eat more fiber! Your gut thrives on a diversity of fermentable substrates (dietary fiber) – that means you need to consume more of the whole plant (we’re talking chewy and gritty), not just the smooth and delicate part that you may be used to. Not all fiber is created equal so make sure you aim for a diverse range of plants to ensure that you are getting substrates that will carry the work of your gut microbiome into your bowels, and therefore spread/strengthen your little army!


3)    Bring the outside in! Up until this last century, we humans have spent the majority of our lives outside, in close contact with nature. Today, most of us spend 90% of our time indoors whether it’s at work, school, home, or in the car. Sealing ourselves off from the outdoors alters the microbiome of our environments both in our homes and in our bodies. So open a window and breath in the fresh air from outside…you’ll increase the diversity of your microbiota and your body will thank you for it!


4)    Throw out the hand sanitizer. And while you’re at it, loosen up on your clean routine, we promise not to tell! Hand sanitizers, cleaners, etc. kill the bad bacteria, but they also kill off the good ones! If you have a healthy gut, the bacteria of your microbiome will have the strength to fight off [most of] the bad guys.


5)    Take a walk on the earthy side. Take your shoes off, dig those toes into the ground, and and get dirty – we promise, it’s good for you on so many levels! Have you ever felt instantly more relaxed, at peace, and free of worry the second you come in touch with nature? That's your microbiome. The more you connect with the natural elements, the more microbiota you’ll be exposed to, the more you will diversify your own microbiome, and the freer you will feel.


What it comes down to is simple – and so Sakara – eat clean, play dirty. We promise to nourish your body with insanely delicious whole foods that your micribiome will go absolutely nuts for.


How you choose to get dirty? We’ll leave that up to you…



Eat clean, play dirty. Order a program today!



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