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Dear Man Repeller - It's Cool to Feel Good

The other day a client forwarded us a post from the babes over at Man Repeller that's got our brains buzzing. It's called When Did it Become so Cool to be Healthy?, and chronicles Leandra and her husband's transformation in one year(!) from indulgent foodies to vegan health royalty. Late night pizza and froyo to pre-Soul Cycle Spirulina smoothies. You know the type.

The post explores the potential for their lifestyle makeover with a whole lot of question marks. Maybe it's the trendiness of healthy food and our inability to log onto instagram without seeing how many miles you just logged? Maybe it's the amazing accessibility us city dwellers have to juice bars and boutique fitness studios, making it impossible to resist? Maybe we're all a bunch of competitive, extreme lunatics who live and breathe an all or nothing mantra and are constantly trying to one up one another?


But maybe it's the actual effect that changing the way you treat your body has on your life, and your desire to hold onto that experience of feeling good for the first time in so long. Maybe it’s how amazing you feel once you finally dip your toe into a lifestyle that fills your day with more natural energy, innate levels of happiness, and a greater ability to love. Maybe the real lunatics are the ones not jumping in after they’ve tested the waters…

Over time we have transitioned away from our roots. We created microwaves, learned how to extend the shelf life of products in labs, and decided it was okay to go to whatever extremes necessary in order to appease convenience. This has made our lives easier, more delicious, and more fun in so many ways - but our bodies are paying for it.

Most people today feel like crap. They struggle with their weight, energy levels, and skin. They wake up dragging, trudging through the day like thick mud, and relying heavily on outside sources (caffeine, sweets, and alcohol) to bring some light into their lives. Headaches, bloat, and acne pay plenty of unwanted visits, and, being the tough New Yorkers we are, we all collectively, silently, and somewhat miserably deal with it. We put on that extra layer of skin before heading out the door, pop that advil, pour a 4th cup of coffee and accept it for what it is - it’s natural, It's fine, it's normal, it's just how I am, it's just life.

And then, for whatever reason (maybe its trendiness, maybe it's accessibility, maybe its your inner extreme warrior roaring), you find yourself doing more yoga, eating less processed junk, asking for that omelet without cheese, and testing out this whole start-your-day-with-a-green-smoothie thing. Slowly but surely you find yourself waking up with real life energy(!), clearer, vibrant skin(!), and feeling downright sexy in your body! You’re kicking a** at your job, having an insane amount of fun with your friends, and feeling connected to everything and everyone in your life. Laughter, late night dance parties, promotions, trips, and creating things right before your very own eyes end up filling up your schedule compeltely, so that there is no room for those outside, unwanted, and uninvited visitors.

There's a reason why NYC - and the rest of the world - is obsessing over your health: it's the key to a better life. The foods you eat can help you (god, how can they help you!), but they can also harm you, and that harm overtime can take very large bites out of your life. Whether you have experienced this through disease or a daily struggle with fatigue, digestion, skin disorders, hormone imbalance, immunity, etc., it’s all connected to the way you treat your body and, the good news is, people are starting to realize the importance of this and prioritize their health. A clean, whole-food, superfood-filled diet, a strong connection to your body, and self-love practices fill those bites right back in.

So, Man Repeller team and all you other skeptics out there rolling your eyes at your friend's latest superfood oatmeal instagram post, we urge you to give it a taste. Try it out. Make a few swaps here and there, eat more greens, get up for that crazy booty-shaking workout class with your friends Saturday morning and see what it’s like. It may feel like you’re crossing over to a side of bright-eyed, kale-obsessed, cheetah-sports-bra wearing lunatics who have got to know what it is in that smoothie you’re drinking, and omg I need one now! But it’s a side of the world and a side of yourself that gives you more time, more energy, and more happiness for you to play with. And that, sakaralites, is a life-changer.

It's pretty great over here if we may say so ourselves, and, the good news is, it ain’t going anywhere. So whenever you do decide to pay a visit, we’ll be waiting here to greet you with open arms, because – let’s be real – we hug on this side of the tracks.



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