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A Hippie's Guide to Living in the City

When you care about your health, the products you put onto your body, and taking care of the only Earth we’ve got, it may feel like your girly girl, city-dwelling, inner fashionista is going to have to seriously sacrifice in favor of flower crowns and not shaving your 'pits.

She can’t wear antiperspirant, has got to bid adieu to leather, and is sworn to publicly campaign that showering regularly is a complete waste of water. Right?

Not exactly. The reality is that there are plenty of ways to combine your passion for living and eating clean with your passion for killer fashion, getting glam, and indulging in all of the “sin” the city has to offer. We like to think that us Sakaralites have come to master this whole hippie disguised as a glam girl thing, wearing crystals and Chanel, downing chlorella tablets and cocktails, and freshening up before a night out with both our favorite red lipstick and a mouth freshly rinsed with coconut oil. It’s the balance of both worlds that makes these streets so fun to navigate.

We are extremely fortunate to live in a society where the modern woman is no longer forced to stuff herself into a restrictive category and life is much much more fun when straddling the lines of multiple identities in chunky heels.

Here are a few of our go-to tips for how to stay true to your inner hippie while indulging your inner chic:

1. Shower Like a Supermodel

We have no proof of how often supermodels shower, but we do know that some days showering just isn't in the stars.  Walking the streets with a head of grease and musky odor is no option for a trending love child, but neither is chemically-laden dry shampoo. Dumping contaminants into your scalp is no way to treat the goddess that you are. Instead mix some cornstarch with your favorite essential oil for your very own DIY all-natural dry shampoo. It will keep you looking fresh with or without the rinse.

2. Shop (Consciously) ’til You Drop

It’s hard to be a fashionista without shopping and we’d be lying if we said we don't love perusing clothing racks for the latest designs to adorn the bodies we work so hard to feel good in. Being a hippie living the city life doesn't have to mean shirts made of hemp and tie-dye shirts (although I don't hate those either). We're usually eyeing cut-out dresses from Reformation, velvet high-wasted pants from a vintage shop, or handmade one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by local artisans. Bring consciousness and intention to whatever you buy, even if it's the slinkiest little black dress you've ever seen.

3. DIY Is Super Sexy

We all have must-have beauty products that are part of our regular feel good, look good routine. However, anything and everything that is made with loving hands is better for for you and the environment - especially when those hands are your own. Necessities such as toothpaste, household cleaners, exfoliant scrubs, and shampoo and conditioner can all be made in your home with a little time and energy. Looking for recipes? Stay tuned. We have plenty coming your way.

Besides reducing your footprint and giving your body and home the gift of chemical free products, spending the time creating self-care tools is a meditation of its own. As you make your own products, be present in that moment and notice the smells and textures of the ingredients you are using. Acknowledge the commitment you are making to living a high-quality life and how GOOD it feels.

4. Home Is Where You Are

NYC is a concrete jungle, which means your home has to be as sacred as humanly possible. A space that inspires the inner goddess in you to unwind, indulge, and love herself to absolute pieces. Think less shelter and more sanctuary. Combat the tall, grey, dirty, and noisy elements of the city with plants, sunlight, incense, candles, and music that makes your soul dance.

Get romantic with yourself each time you step in the door and set the scene for you to feel good from head to toe. Consider setting aside a designated space to create an altar where you place pictures, reverent items, sentimental objects, and something to represent each of the elements (air, water, fire, earth, metal). Whenever you leave your home, make sure things are put away and your bed is made. Take care of your space the way you take care of your body and it will fuel you in a similar way.

5. Get Your Glow On

Your skin is the window to your soul - Isn’t that how the saying goes? Maybe not, but it is a representation of your health and the ways in which you treat your body. It’s what the world sees on first glance (if they’re lucky, they’re seeing a whole lot of it) and you want it to be glowing and sexy, as if you've just returned from a month of relaxation in the desert. Take a hint from ancient traditions and use mother nature to feed your skin from the inside out: hydrating greens, skin-plumping healthy fats, and antioxidant-rich superfoods. Focus on skincare that comes from the inside rather than the outside.

When it comes to cleaning your face, use a mixture of castor and olive oil and moisturize with coconut oil to really boost that glow. Start skin brushing! This practice helps exfoliate skin, detox dead skin cells, and increase circulation for a glow that no elixir from the beauty store can come close to.

6. Get Dirty

When you live in a city, it is all too common to go long periods of time without connecting with the earth and that separation is extremely draining over time. Develop a grounding practice to help maintain this connection to the earth's energy. When touching mother nature isn't possible, bring her essence closer to you through scents.  Earthen scents are extremely attractive and can be obtained through simple, all-natural, energy-boosting ingredients. Try out essential oil scents such as sandalwood, petchuli, rose, coconut, peppermint, and lavender, which all coming directly from sweet mamapacha herself. You can take the essence up a notch with one of Jiva Apoha’s balancing, soul-healing body oils. They are pure goddess in a bottle.

7. Go in before you go out

Before you go out and hit the town – even hippies need to let their booty-length-hair down – take a moment to set an intention for your night. This will help you bring an added awareness to your evening and help increase the pleasure of going out and having fun.

Ask yourself: How do I want to feel? What do I want to hold close and remember the entire night? What do I want to focus on?

This way you will be able to be wild and free while staying true to what you are seeking. When it comes to the actual act of going out, don’t forget that your body is still a temple, even with a few drinks in it. Follow our tips on how to drink and how to late night and give yourself a pat on the back for letting your freak flag fly when it needs to.

8. Crystals Are the New Diamonds

Because access to mother nature is so limited (the High Line doesn't count), bring her elements closer to you whenever possible. Not only are crystals beautiful, but they also do wonders for your internal balance and energy levels.

Crystals are revered for their ability to serve as conduits of the earth’s energy, meaning you will have a backup battery charger for your heart and mind wherever you go. There are different types of crystals that provide support in different ways so, do a little research and choose one that gives you exactly what you need. Pair your layers of dangling crystal necklaces with a sexy crop top and share your goddess vibes with anyone and everyone.

9. Keep it close

We know that there is nothing you would love more than to go out back everyday to your blooming garden and tenderly care for each leaflet of mother nature's bounty, eventually making colorful, luscious meals with your loving hands. Unfortunately, that is just not the reality for us city girls. While we absolutely suggest adorning your home with plants, flowers, and succulents, when it comes to sustenance, go with the best next option: keep it local. Shop at farmer's markets, get to know the farmers, and get to know them so well that they invite you to come visit their farm on the weekend, so that you can get your hands dirty. We know it's hard, but as best you can, eat from hands you trust.

10. Manifest the Big, Small and Glittery

Spend some time working on your manifestation game: Visualize the things you want in your life and assure yourself that all of them are already yours. You have it all, from the people in your life to those insanely beautiful pair of heels you have been drooling over. What you want must be offered out to the universe in order for it to appear. Believe in it, bless it, trust it, attract it in, and then celebrate the hell out of it. Wear those heels dancing with your best friends and set the intention of living in the moment with a full heart and sexy legs. The more gratitude you express, the more you will have to be grateful for.

Trust us, glamorous moon-child, it really works.

*Photograph by Corinne Day via here

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