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A Broomstick Trip Through the Universe: Recipes for a Galactic Halloween

It’s almost that time! The spookiest day of candies, crazies and epic parties is just three sleeps away, and every afternoon until then, we’ll be sharing our favorite costume inspired Halloween recipes for you and your tribe to try out together – sans the sugar hangover.


Today, we're going on a broomstick-guided galactic trip through the cosmos to get tapped into the spirit and in touch with the most spell-binding, infinite versions of that which we were born to be. Who needs a costume, when you can tap into your own superpowers, and dress the part by honing in on the sorceress qualities already present within. Take this trip with us - come soar through the starzzz.




STARRY SUPER NOVA NIGHT BARKnight_bark_sakaralife



    • 60 g cacao butter, finely chopped + 20g of cacao butter for drizzling


    • 1 TBS coconut oil


    • 1 TBS cashew butter


    • 1-2 TBS honey or raw agave nectar


    • 1/3 cup cacao powder


    • 1/4 cup of raw organic cane sugar


    • 1/3 cup lavender flowers, ground up


    • or edible lavender glitter ;)


This beauty should only take you 10-15 minutes to make! Melt finely chopped cacao butter and coconut oil in a bowl over boiling water. Remove from heat and whisk in cashew butter, syrup, honey, and cacao powder. When smooth, spread onto a foil-lined flat tray and pop into the freezer for 5 minutes to set. When hardened drizzle with extra cacao butter and put into freezer for another few minutes. For the sprinkles, grind up lavender in a pestle and mortar (or the edible lavender glitter). Mix sugar and lavender, and you've got yourself a Divine sprinkle blend.

















    • 3-5 bottles of GTs Trilogy Kombucha


    • Your favorite rum (however much you wish!)


    • Sliced hidden rose apples


Spill kombucha + rum into your favorite bowl, throw in some hidden rose apple slices, light a few candles + burn some sacred sage. Welcome to the universe, my pretty.


























*Check out the recipes for a Groovy Halloween here



    3 Discussions on
    “A Broomstick Trip Through the Universe: Recipes for a Galactic Halloween”
  • Sakara Life says:

    Hi Hannah – thanks for letting us know! We’ll make that adjustment, so it’s super clear. Hope you enjoyed :)

  • hannah-phoebe says:

    ADORED it xxx

  • Hannah-Phoebe says:

    hey guys!!
    just wanted to let you know that the chocolate recipe is a bit confusing! I’ve made it twice but first time i took you literally when you said add “everything else” and in went the sugar and lavender too… the choc was actually nice, but very sweet. second time round i realised “everything else” only means the cashew butter and syrup and cacao powder and made the sprinkle separately!

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