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Things We Try: The 10-Minute Laser Facial

We thrive off the truth that a diet full of clean, whole, organic foods is the best tool we can use to create the most beautiful, vibrant, glowing skin, but we also believe one shouldn’t completely ignore some of the advanced technology and tools out there! Anyone else feel the same?  After a summer of sun and fun (maybe a little bit too much of both), we've been researching all options and treatments to rejuvenate and reduce visible signs of said sun beyond just a holistic approach. Though we fully believe in the powers of Mother Earth's wonders, we are also not opposed to try more of the innovative, technological treatments out there that are safe, sans chemicals, trust-worthy and non-invasive.

When we were approached by Dr. Bobby Buka (who not only has his M.D., but also is J.D. and owns an organic farm as well, can you say impressive?) to try out his new Clear + Brilliant Laser, we were both thoroughly excited and relieved to find out that this laser procedure was the perfect middle ground between ritual and results. Minimally invasive. No downtime. Plenty of GLOW. All of our above boxes were checked and we knew we were in good hands. Here’s what Dr B had to say: “The Clear + Brilliant Laser is a non-ablative laser, meaning it helps regenerate collagen and even skin tone by heating up the skin, not destroying tissues like ablative lasers.  This is one of my favorite treatments as it has very little, to no downtime for a lot of upside. Basically, it recruits your own cells to do what they do to produce younger, healthier elastin and collagen, leaving the skin plumper, brighter and with more turgor. It’s the perfect treatment for any first timers out there too”.


The Procedure: A 10-Minute Timeline

9:00 am: Arrive at Dr. Bobby's office, check in while checking-out (oggling is more like it) the most-wanted-beauty-product filled vending in the waiting room. Beauty products in place of candy? Why aren't these in every office?

9:10 am: The esthetician turns on the Clear + Brilliant Laser Facial machine and then applies our faces with a white mask-like numbing cream for a few minutes.

9:12 am: The numbing cream has been wiped away and it's time to laser. After paper goggles were placed over our eyes, Dr. Bobby begins making quick laser pulses over the face. Not going to lie here, the process doesn't go without a little sting. Slightly uncomfortable? Yes. Questionably debilitating? No. Plus, ice packs were immediately placed over the areas treated for ultimate cooling effects.

After 3-5 swipes over the entire face, you’re slightly pink and incredibly fresh and by 9:22 am we were done. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes which is less time than any facial we've ever had.

On a pain scale of 1-10, we are going to give this treatment about a 5 1/2 with the most intense area of the face being the upper lip. You're slightly red and little puffy immediately following but your skin looks renewed, fresh and glowy. The only things needed on our skin afterwards were some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen before heading into the office for a 10am meeting.


The Results

We noticed that it helped diminish redness and brown sun spots on the cheeks and gave us a more even skin tone. Not to mention smaller and cleaner pores, fresher, brighter and softer skin.

The verdict? Simply put, this procedure, well, rocks. And it was nice to know that Dr. Bobby was able to give us a little boost when we needed it, all without interfering with the health-conscious, all natural gals we are.

xo Whitney + Danielle 


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    “Things We Try: The 10-Minute Laser Facial”
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