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The Ritual: How Krissy & Chloe Live Yoga

How do Krissy and Chloe of Sky Ting use rituals to stay sane and live their yoga practice? We asked, they answered.


Practice:  I treat taking classes with my teachers as appointments. They help me stay inspired. I think if I didn’t do that, it would be detrimental to my teaching and to how I live yoga. To take time for yourself is very important, especially when you’re busy, and I think about what I’ve learned from my teachers all day long - to the point where it’s almost annoying.

Self-Care: Chloe and I are both pretty ritualistic in the ways we take care of ourselves and make time for ourselves. If there’s a special moon or something, we’ll set an intention together for the studio. We both have steady practices that keep us very sane. In the morning, I drink lots of lemon water, and I love tongue scraping. I’ll also do oil pulling for 5 minutes or so. I feel like even doing that for a short amount of time, as opposed to the 20 minutes that you're supposed to still works. I recently moved into a place with a really dope bath tub, so I’ve been doing a sage and oil bath every night. I also just went to Pratima for the first time, she read my constitution and gave me all these herbs to suit it.

Beauty Fix: I’m a firm believer in oiling up; natural oils, jojoba or coconut oil on my body, hair, mouth and anywhere basically. Chloe and I do Palo Santo in the studio when we feel like it needs a little bit of clearing.

TGIF: My Friday night looks like me staying in my apartment with an Aztec Clay mask on. It feels so good… it makes your skin pulse. And then I put on Egyptian Magic as a moisturizer afterwards. That has honey in it too - honey, beeswax, royal jelly and bee pollen. It’s super thick.


Find Your Balance: I think that having some rituals to follow is really useful when trying to stay steady. In yoga, you’re not looking to be too high up or too low down - you want to find the middle path to walk. I have some crazy Chinese tinctures that I take every morning. I also have to make my bed to keep myself steady. The work of living yoga initially has to be with yourself. It can’t just be constant outreach to those around you. Of course, that has to happen, but initially, the practice has to be prescribed to yourself so that you can figure out a way to get your own life in balance. Then, you can take conscious action to do the good things that you really want to do. You have to deal with yourself first.

Actions: I like to make my bed every morning, that’s something that I for sure always do. I also dry brush before showering. I’m friends with the ladies that own CAP Beauty in the West Village, and I’m seriously obsessed with everything that they do and everything they bring into their stores. I get my Sun Potion products from them; I like Astragalus, He Shou Wu and Reishi. I also like the Four Sigma Food Reishi tea, which I have pretty much ever day for general immunity and balance. I mix it into some melted coconut butter and whip it up into a frothy little tea.

Night Cap: Every night I take some time to journal to just write things down. Sometimes it’s just gibberish, but I live so much in my own head with thoughts and feelings, that I need to process through it to actually understand what’s going on inside of me. This is also something that helps keep me sane.

Beauty Fix: We love beauty products, especially face masks. I’ve started using Manuka honey to wash my face in the morning because, of course, I went to a facial at CAP and it was amazing. They told me to use that honey, so now I do. It’s antibacterial and super soft. The facialist also recommended mixing some greens powder into the honey and layering it on as a mask for 20 minutes or so. It's amazing.

Check out Krissy and Chloe's full interview here.

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