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Nightcap: Vanessa Packer, ModelFit

In Night Cap, we’re going behind the scenes with Sakara babes to uncover their beloved night time routines + rituals for deep sleep, and a following day filled with love + positive energy.


 Walking into Vanessa Packer's SoHo loft is like walking into a safe, soul warming, good-vibe vortex. This beauty gets the ins and outs of a proper night-time ritual, and how to set the mood for it in every corner of her place. By no means does Vanessa spend her days and nights lounging around - she's the co-founder at Bonberi, the brains (alongside Victoria's Secret Angel trainer Justin Gelband) behind NYC's modelFIT, and she's got a degree in holistic nutrition - all making her an inspiring leader in this wonderful world we call Wellness. However, after experiencing first-hand her version of a #nightcap, we'd like to say she's an inspiring leader in the version of nighttime routines as well...




"Dinner always starts with a leafy green salad, followed by either a grain bowl with roasted vegetables, or a protein like fish or lamb with veggies. I’m into sauces, so I’ll usually whip up a tahini dill dressing, or a spicy avocado dressing to go with.

Most nights I have a pretty substantial dinner so I don’t crave anything before bed, I actually don’t like eating right before bed. I'm a nighttime tea drinker, big time. I always, always have a big cup of tea before bed. It helps me to relax and aids in digestion. It’s a ritual I very rarely miss.  I like to give my body time to digest between dinner and bedtime. I drink ginger, mint or fennel in that in-between time."




"I love taking baths. I use a variety of bath salts and bath oils to make the experience more relaxing. I especially love Epsom Salts and neroli oil, or sea salt and coconut oil. Sometimes, I'll do a seaweed bath or a lavender bath. On vacation, I like bubble baths, but generally, I’m a sea salt and bath oil kind of girl. I like to get creative and mix it up.

My favorite oils are rosehip, neroli, musk, and amber...Anything earthy and warm.

I shampoo every other day. I workout almost everyday, and I need to be clean. Unless I'm on a beach, I can't do the greasy hair look for more than a day. And I love a good deep conditioner, at least once or twice a week. With all the shampooing and sweating, my hair needs extra care.

Mood lighting is everything. I really love soft light, so I have dimmers on every light in my apartment, and candles in every corner. I can't relax in stark lighting. Music is always playing in my house too - I'm either using wireless speakers and playing off Spotify, or I'm playing records on my record player. I like it very analogue." 




"I always wash my face and prep my skin before bed. No matter what time I get home. I have a habit of rinsing my face IMG_998220 times after washing it. I can’t not do 20 rinses, it’s become such a part of my routine. I’m a product person, and I feel like a lot of it is preventative so I put a lot of care into taking care of my skin.

I love the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Face Wash to cleanse. I do Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate for day and Midnight Recovery Oil at night, with Epicuren Facial Serum and Estee Lauder Global Eye CreamBiologique Lotion P50 and their Oxygenating and Rebalancing masks are amazing, same with the Glossier Detox and Moisture masks. During the day, I love the Laura Mercier Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer."



"I like to read before bed. If I watch TV, I notice it takes me longer to fall asleep. Too much stimulation. Right now, I’m reading Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

On my nightstand, you'll find crystals - I have my salt crystal lamp, a large Amethyst that my mom gave me and a smooth Rose Quartz. I have hand lotion, a variety of lip balms, my digital alarm clock, silk eye mask, a notebook and pens, a tall glass of water, a tincture of Midnight Mugwort Oil which makes for soothing lucid dreams (I usually remember all my dreams, or at least pieces of them). Also, the almost empty mug of tea I’ve been drinking before bed."




"As for what I sleep in, well...It all depends...

 For sheets, I like soft colors. My sheets are typically white, but I also like light blue or beige. I really like linen sheets and duvet covers. My favorite brands are Society and Matteo."



    • Take Magnesium and Biotin before bed, always.
    • Brush my teeth
    • Take out my contacts 
    • Wash and prep my face
    • Apply lip balm (I can't go to sleep without lip balm, so my lips don't chap in the night. I like using PawPaw or Homeoplasmine, which is a French moisturizing ointment. I like something a bit more substantial than my daytime lip balms.)

 Then, I'm ready for bed!IMG_0016

    2 Discussions on
    “Nightcap: Vanessa Packer, ModelFit”
  • Mireille Sarthou says:

    Beautiful and inspiring Vanessa Packer, Paris is waiting for your wisdom and advices! Here are the ways to be so amazingly healthy and serene looking, every woman can learn so much from you…

  • Lori says:

    Vanessa Packer is truly back to the future .A young woman who is committed to health, fitness, rituals and at the same time breaking the glass ceiling from every side with velvet sneakers and a sharp intuition .
    Vanessa ..you inspire the generation of women before you and many to come…

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