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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Scorpio

What a lovely Love Moon! Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio is forcing an intimate scope on our committed relationships, especially those surrounding creativity, business, and marriage. And it’s all good -- this is a potent opportunity to get super vulnerable with your partner and loved ones. Manifest your dreams together by calling them out, talking them out, and breaking through all fears and doubts. Get rid of the humble pie. Share your soul, and you will all be rewarded tenfold. The energy tonight acts as a catalyst for change and relationship renewal. Surrender to the mystery, and stay open to the answers flying your way. Do not attach to them, but see them as individually beautiful, separate pieces to a much larger puzzle. The box is in your hands. It’s time to put it all together.

Traits Amplified: Authenticity, love, courage, discovery, expression, direction, partnership, focus, frequency

Questions to Ask: Where is my imagination leading me? What elements of my lifestyle need to change? What are some deep-seated relationship patterns that I can make a change in? What values are my most cherished relationships built on? What am I personally, and currently, committed to waking up to? What are the next steps I have to take to make my wildest dreams come true?

What to Go For: Rise and shine lovers! Every new morning is a powerfully fresh opportunity to begin again, plant new seeds, as well as water existing ones. What seeds are you planting today? Use your meditation practice (however that manifests: stillness, exercise, cooking, music, whatever…) as a spacious, abundant gift to delicate you! Take care of yourself now. Love yourself so dearly now. Trust yourself so deeply now. Go for change and follow your imaginative knowings. We’re being called to ride the gravitational pull of our Moon tonight, and she’s pulling us all (very quickly!) into an everlasting life of of intense authenticity, and courage. Your courage and will are heightened at this Moon -- work with it! Work with all of it, even the fear, the doubt, and the the mystery. Use it all as workable pieces to aforementioned puzzle. What a pretty picture it’s going to create!  

What to Watch Out For: Power struggles. Don’t allow yourself to sink as low as your component in a heated conversation. Be extra cautious of the toxic relationship patterns that emerge every time you talk to a certain someone. This Full Moon is illuminating personal samara -- all within some of your most intimate connections. This is your work! This wound is where the light enters. Be open to what they have to say, and take it to heart. But also, don’t take it personally, and certainly don’t identify with it. Recognize it and respect it as their perception, and be willing to move forward -- together! -- with that. Face your fears, and don’t be afraid to ask for the support that you need. You are Love, all is Love. And with this recognition, we will move mountains.

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