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Sakara 'Mama' Spotlight: Daria Hines

 In the Sakara Spotlight series, we’re turning the tables on some of the amazing + accomplished souls that have chosen the Sakara Life program to enrich and fulfill their lives. Without further adieu, meet the Sakaralites (Mother's Day Edition)!

*Daria with her daughter, Chiara, step-son, Luca, and husband Alessandro. 


Name? Daria Hines @darialynnhines

Sign? Scorpio 

Occupation? Owner of LOL TULUM BOUTIQUE, Stylist, Designer, Yogini, Wife, and Mama to 21 year-old, Lucian, 3 year-old, Chiara, and step-mama to 7 year-old, Luca. 

Spirit animal and why? Coyote, because I love to run with a small, loyal tribe.

Why do you order Sakara? It helps me create balance within my body.


*Daria with her son, Lucian, and daughter, Chiara.


Favorite Sakara meal? That is so hard to pick one!! I love the Toasted Coconut Granola with Goddess Mylk and the Indian Samosas with Mango Chutney. It's a tie! 

Morning water or night water? Morning. It's so refreshing and calming at the same time. 

How do you get your children to eat healthy? I started my daughter on green juices at 6 months old and planted the seeds early on with my older son on how he is responsible for his own healing. 

Favorite indulgence? Raw chocolate and basically all raw desserts!!

How has becoming a mother changed your relationship with yourself and with your own body? Becoming a mother placed the responsibility of keeing my mind, body, and spirit balanced so that I could be present for my children and showing self-love by example. 

What's a day in your life like? Blessed. 

Do you have any rituals to keep you balanced, and take time out to be alone? Body brushing first thing in the morning before I shower and my yoga practice. 



Favorite Mantra? Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu - May All Beings In The Universe Be Happy And Free

What's the best advice you can pass along to a fellow Sakara mama? 'Let Food Be Thine Medicine'. It's important to pass along to your children the vibrant health they can receive from living foods and superfoods. 

What have your children taught you? How to be content within the present moment. 

What was the best advice your own Mama gave you? She showed me how to care for myself in how she cared for me.  

What does the word Mother mean to you? LOVE


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