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Mother's Day Stories from the Mamas that Make Up Sakara HQ

Indulge in some Sakara Life Mother's Day stories — because after all, we wouldn't be here without you, mom! Thank you for giving us life. We love you infinitely! xoxo


Whitney, Sakara Co-Founder ~

"Growing up my mom dreamed of being in the CIA. But was told that that's not what women do, so she went to school to be a secretary -- a "good" job for a woman. I'm not sure if she ever had a job as a secretary, but what I do remember is that she put herself through night school at the same time as raising 2 children to learn accounting so that she could run her own business. Whatever she wanted to do, she would figure it out. She raised me with the notion that I could do anything that a boy could do. Don't be the cheerleader, play the sport and have cheerleaders cheer for me. Don't take no for an answer and don't trust what people tell you, do your own research and form your own opinions."



Danielle D, Sakara Co-Founder ~

"Every christmas eve my mom and I (it was just the two of us, always) would bake spritz cookies using my great grandmas crazy old cookie press. We'd make snowflakes, snowmen, holly, santas and we'd decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Then we'd walk around to the neighbors, give them a tin full of cookies, walk home, make a big cup of hot chocolate and curl up to watch Muppet's Christmas Carol. I'd usually fall asleep right around the scary part when the ghosts of Christmas future came to get Scrooge. Then my mom would sneakily (but not so sneakily) go and wrap gifts and put them under the tree then curl back into bed with me and before I knew it, it was Christmas morning. Those memories are some of the most comforting and loving memories I have. Christmas doesn't feel the same without that tradition."



Lianna, Creative Director ~

"She is not only my mother but my best friend. Growing up we traveled the world together: London, Paris, Italy, Mexico, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and across the US and always had the best times on our adventures; just the two of us. She was always the most beautiful woman I knew and being a photographer she was and still is my favorite person to take pictures of. There is nothing that she hasn’t done for me and nothing that I was ever afraid to tell her or talk to her about. P.S. She’s also a total badass babe, she was a Playboy Bunny at Great Gorge in the 1970’s. Can you say #CoolMom ?? xoxo" 


Olivia, Operations Manager ~

"Every year on March 15, my mom calls me, my brother and my sister (and when we still lived at home, would just do this in person) and says in her best creepy witch voice to imitate the Soothsayer in Julius Caesar, "Beware Caesar, beware The Ides of March." She'll just call, say it, and hang up. It seems really silly and unimportant and we all act annoyed when it happens, but when she calls each year, it makes me feel loved and secure and serves as a reminder she's always there for me. That's my mom — a little quirky and funny but goes above and beyond to let her children know they are loved and she'll always be there to make us feel at home no matter we are."



Tyler, Production Chef ~

"I love my Mom's ability to constantly reinvent herself and her earnest desire to get to know herself and find meaning. Her increasing candor in embracing vulnerability has been an amazing inspiration to me as an adult."



Meagan, Editorial Assistant ~

"As a forever flower child, I’ve come to her with many a wild dream, begging her to help me fulfill it — she always, always has. Some have panned out as long-term lifestyle investments (like the persuasion I took to her for Irish Dance classes, and art school), while many have been short-term expensive mistakes (and for your sake, I’m not gonna go there) — yet through it all, she trusts me, and she’s in 100%. Did I also mention she’s a crazy talented artist and flower child herself? She took me ocean skinny dipping once under full moon — her leading the way. Oy vey…my mom. The thought of her is like a million tiny memories that make one full moon of a sensory perception. I love you PCal! Thanks for being you."



Jennifer, Client Services Associate ~

"From before I can even remember, my mom always tucked me into bed and gave my sister and I bedtime back massages. Of course the massages were wonderful (I still ask for them), but it is was the late night talks and snuggle sessions that will always hold a special place in my heart. Looking back, this quiet, personal time together flourished into a strong and open relationship."



Erin, Head Designer ~

"My mom in her art studio, illustrating children's books for days on end, listening to Neil Young. I always remember thinking how amazing it was that she could put pencil to paper and create these beautiful drawings of people and animals with so much life in them. She has to be the most creative and artistic person I know, and even at a young age I knew that was what I loved and admired about her most!"



Olivia, Social Media Manager ~

"One of my favorite memories of childhood is unabashedly and repetitively asking my mom, "Who do you love more: me or ____"? I'd fill in the blank with people like "Fiona!" (My twin sister), "Daddy", “Angel" (our dog..)...the list goes on. The way that she artfully dodged the question, yet never for a second let me worry, still makes me smile. P.S. I know the real answer was always me...sorry, Fiona."

Heather, West Coast Operations Manager ~

"One of my favorite memories of my mother is a road trip we took together cross country, when I first moved out to California. I drove my myself to Colorado, and then she joined me for the second half of the trip, just her and I. That was a big move for me, but I felt so comforted knowing my mom believed in me, and was excited for me, even if it meant we would be 4,000 miles apart. The ability to feel so loved, yet also feel so alone on an adventure, is a feeling I will never forget." 



Faye, Director of Production ~

"Fave memory with mom is her teaching me how to make chocolate chip cookies when I was a little kid. She def got me into cooking! More recent, grown up, favorite memory is drinking nice champagne eating a good cheese plate :)"




Louisa, Intern ~

"One of my favorite memories I have with my mom is when I moved to New York for the first time. I was 16 and moved from Texas for the summer without knowing anyone!! The only way that she agreed to let me do this was by agreeing to live in a NUNNERY. The nuns walked us up 5 floors to my room that was barely big enough to fit a twin size bed and I just looked at her terrified, with tears in my eyes, ready to hop back on a plane. While I unpacked, she left and came back with tons of printed pictures of family and friends and arts and craft supplies. We spent the next 3 hours decorating my room, laughing and telling stories."



Danielle C, Intern ~

"One of my favorite and earliest memories with my mom was when I was around 6 and I saw her looking out of her bedroom window at the beautiful sunrise and she said, "Wow, what a beautiful day," and I walked over and copied her, as little girls do, and said "Waaaaawwww, what a beauuuutifuwwwll dayyyy." She still to this day brings up this memory."



Kirby, Copy Writer ~

"My world would not turn without my mom. She's my best friend — she always knows what to say to make me feel better no matter what's going on, has given me endless invaluable advice and has seen me through countless crises with acceptance, grace and love. Home, to me, is drinking a glass of wine (or, more likely, a bottle) with her on the couch or the front porch and talking about everything and anything. Don't know where I'd be without her."



Kim, Head of Operations ~

"My mom is amazing! she raised us three crazy girls (it's true, h + j...) into semi-well-adjusted adults, all the while balancing a challenging career as a high school math teacher with a full time slate of after-school tutoring.  even still, she somehow managed to be in the bleachers for all of our volleyball and softball games, help us (and our friends) cram for AP calc exams at the last minute, and even rescue us from trouble from time to time.  love you mom!"



Annie, Client Services Associate ~

"I love my Mama!  She has the best sense of humor of anyone I know and always taught my bothers and me the importance of laughing when we were growing up.  She still makes me laugh every day!"



Jordan, Sales and Product Manager~

"I'm beyond lucky to have a mama who's not only been a role model and inspiration in my life, but also my best friend. She's the one I t​ravel with, laugh with​,​ cry with​ ​and ​call at all hours of the day to ask for advice. In a word,​ she's my person. One memory that stands out -- when I graduated from college, my mom and I backpacked through Australia for a month. We didn't exactly have the most glamorous accommodations, and I even dragged her on a camping/wilderness adventure in the middle of nowhere in the Australian bus​h. To ​​say she was a trooper is an understatement -- she was the one lifting me up when I was exhausted, making friends with locals, seeking out adventure and shining her light into the world to make it a month I'll always remember."



Mike, Chief of Staff ~

"My mom loves Christmas.  Every year, my house transforms into a winter wonderland of miniature Santa Clauses, snowmen, and pine trees.  While she adores her decorations, my mom's favorite part is having her children under one roof.  Every single year, at some point, her eyes tear with happiness as we open our presents. Nothing makes me feel more loved."




Gabby, Brand Director ~

"My mama tucked me in every night from since I can remember until senior year of highschool (#noshame), and when I was a little girl we created this script that we'd say to each other every night before going to sleep, whether she was laying in bed next to me or on the other side of the world. My mama is my role model, my guardian angel, and my rock, and I'm so grateful to have this woman in my corner. 
Me: buenas noches mommy teresa (goodnight mommy teresa)
My mom: buenas noches gabriela teresa  (good night gabriela teresa)
Me: que duermas bien (sleep well)
My mom: tu tambien (you too)
Me: gracias (thank you) 
My mom: de nada (you're welcome)
Me: yo te quiero tanto que yo no puedo decirlo (i love you so much i can't describe it)
My mom: yo to quiero mucho mucho mucho y mucho mas  (I love you so so so so much and so much more)"

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