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Understanding Your Chakra System: The Third Eye

Within each of us lies a subtle energy system, through which our energy flows and expands, allowing us to shine from the inside out. Widely referred to as our Chakra System, this invisible yet wildly powerful network runs from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. And within this system are seven individual energy centers, known as your chakras. Each chakra is associated with certain parts of the body, as well as specific mental and spiritual components, to which it feeds energy. When balanced and nourished, our chakras open, allowing energy to flow in and out effortlessly, extending this vitality and abundance to all pillars of life. Our lifestyle, habits, diet, thoughts, words, emotions, relationships, and life experiences all profoundly affect our chakras. It is so important to our health, wealth, and happiness that we become aware of this energy system and how our own actions affect it. And so, we present to you the S-Life Understanding Your Chakra System series. Over the next seven weeks, we will introduce a different chakra (working our way up the body), and what you can do to elevate and sustain your unique and divine energy in each area.

Our sixth chakra  our third eye — houses our sense of intuition and spiritual connection. Located at the brow line between the eyes, this energy center allows us to view our inner and outer worlds thru the lens of a third eye. From here, we are able to tap into our inner guidance, accessing the elusive but undeniable force of intuition within each of us. A healthy and balanced third eye chakra allows us to look past illusions and see the deeper truths in life and in ourselves. When the third eye is open, you don’t just see — you understand.

Pretty heady stuff (no pun intended), but it’s definitely a concept worth exploring. For me, the biggest take away from learning about and accessing my third eye energy is the sense of mindfulness that arises. Keeping with this idea of the “all seeing eye”, our sixth chakra is home to our sense of consciousness. From here, our mind bears witness to all that occurs within our internal and external worlds. Thru the lens of a balanced third eye, we are able to simply observe our thoughts without getting caught up in the drama of the mind, rooting ourselves in mindful, moment-to-moment consciousness. This keep us grounded in the present moment, and increases our overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Another highlight of third eye activation is the balance of the mind. A healthy third eye chakra allows both hemispheres of the brain to function in synchronicity — the left hemisphere’s logical and analytical thinking merges and integrates with the right brain’s sense of creativity. From here, we are able to access and further develop our sense of wisdom, intellect, and spiritual insight. And once we create this space of balance, unity, and openness within the mind and body, the possibilities are truly endless.

When out of balance, you may experience: an inability to stop dwelling on small, everyday problems, an inability to establish a vision for your life, rejection of all things spiritual or unusual, lack of clarity, an inability to “see the big picture”, headaches and migraines, insomnia, sinus issues, and vision problems.

When properly balanced, you will experience: connection to your intuition, clear-headedness, the ability to see past small problems and appreciate life’s greater picture, the ability to set and achieve goals, connection to the spiritual aspects of life and yourself, and a clear vision for yourself and your life.

So how do we go about balancing, nourishing, and supporting this sacred and intuitive energy system?

There are tons of ways to deepen our connection to the third eye chakra, including journaling, affirmations, aromatherapy, and energy work, but I have found good old meditation to be most effective. And if you don’t already have a regular meditation practice, don’t let this intimidate you. Start by setting a timer for 60 seconds, closing your eyes, and bringing a subtle awareness to the space behind your brow line (oh hey, third eye!). Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, while maintaining this connection to your third eye center. When 60 seconds is no longer a challenge, set the timer to 2 minutes. Continue to gradually increase your meditation time, minute by minute — I usually cap around 20 minutes daily, but feel free to dedicate as much time to your practice as you’d like!

And of course, what we’re putting into our bodies also profoundly affects this energy center. The third eye chakra is represented by the color indigo, so eating dark blue and purple foods helps to bring clarity and balance to this area. A few of our whole food favorites include blackberries, blueberries, purple grapes, black currants, unsweetened raisins, prunes, purple kale, eggplant, purple potatoes, and purple carrots.

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