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What's Happening Now: The Top Must Reads This Week in Health + Wellness

Every week, The S-Life Mag will make sure you’re in the know about the latest scientific studies and current events pertaining to health, wellness, nutrition and more. This is the stuff you need to know for your body, mind and soul.

  • Recent genetic sequencing of carrots has allowed researchers to identify the genes responsible for this root veggie’s bright orange hue—and the healing antioxidant powers that come with it. Here’s your daily reminder: Eat the rainbow!
  • Want an even, youthful-looking complexion? We say, load up on the hydrating veggies and antioxidants (and don’t forget the SPF), but there may soon be another option: a lab-created “second skin” that smoothes wrinkles.
  • We’ve said it before that your ideal weight might not be what you think it is—and it seems science is on our side.
  • One more reason to stay away from diet soda: A study found that the children of mothers who sip the stuff during pregnancy may be more likely to become obese.
  • What is “healthy,” anyway? It’s a complicated question and the answer depends on who you ask. After ordering KIND Bars to remove the word “healthy” from their packaging, the FDA is changing its tune. (Looking for a truly healthy, totally clean and highly functional snack bar? Our Clean Boutique answers the call).
  • Two new studies suggest location is key when it comes to wellness. One study finds that sleeping schedules vary from country to country, while another identifies the healthiest places in the U.S. to grow old (South Dakota wins!).
  • In certain circles, swaddling is all the rage—but could this practice lead to higher risk of SIDS?



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