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Hand Mudras to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

It’s no secret we use our hands to convey what’s going on in our minds. On a daily basis, we as humans use our hands countless times to express what message or vibe we wish to convey. You extend one hand when greeting a new face, offering a sign of warm welcome. You use your hands to hug a friend or partner, expressing love and compassion to that person. Conversely, there’s likely been a time where you raised your middle finger in rage, or clenched your fists when suffering through a difficult time.

Seemingly so, current research points to the power of using our hands. A study analyzing TED talks last year found that the most viral, popular speakers used an average of about 465 hand gestures, which is nearly twice the amount of those who were the least popular.

It appears as though yogis have known about the power of using our hands to express our emotions and deepest desires for centuries. Mudra, or the term for hand expressions in yoga, means “sign” or “seal” in Sanskrit. Mudras are used along with breath and movement within the practice to shift our energies and help guide our souls toward our utmost desires. They are a powerful tool that we can utilize to invite in what we wish to call to mind; what type of energy or emotional vibration do you aspire to bring into your life?

Whether you’re engaging in a physical practice, sitting on your meditation cushion, or just going about your daily routine, mudras can offer us a sense of grounding and help us achieve our intentions, or the state of mind we wish to cultivate. Thoughts to things, baby. 

Below, find four mudras that you can use to call to mind for wisdom, love, and confidence; each helping you foster your inner god/goddess.


Anjali Mudra ~

Most yoga classes begin and end with this mudra, and for good reason. In sanskrit, “anjali” means offering, which is why this hand gesture is typically associated with prayer or intention setting. Use anjali mudra in your practice as a way to ignite the focus of your energy and remind yourself the purpose of why you came on your mat, or even first thing when you wake up to inspire your day.

How to: Come to a comfortable seat (sukhasana). With your spine tall and sitting bones rooted, connect the palms together at heart center. Lengthen your neck by bowing your chin slightly in towards your chest. Gaze down towards your fingertips or close your eyes.


Gyan Mudra ~

This is the ultimate meditation mudra. Commonly used to invite in wisdom, increased consciousness or awareness, and to release negativity. Gyan Mudra can be used at any moment where you wish to invite in these energy channels.

How to: In your sukhasana (see above), or in any other grounding yoga pose, bring your thumb and index finger to touch, while the remaining fingers are extended straight. Palms are facing up. You may rest the hands on your knees in a seat, or extend your arms out in a pose (while holding Warrior II, for example).

Lotus Mudra ~

The lotus flower itself is said to represent a heart opening, and the ability to rise above. Despite its roots being submerged in the murky pond water beneath, the flower itself blooms above the surface, emanating light and beauty. Use lotus mudra to invoke in a sense of love, compassion, and sense of awakening into your day.

How to: In any pose of your choosing where the hands are free, bring the heels of the palms together, with thumb tips and pinky fingertips touching. Keep your knuckles separate and let your fingers blossom like a flower.



Vajrapradama Mudra ~

Vajra means “thunderbolt” in Sanskrit, exemplifying a powerful sense of expression. In the buddhist tradition, the thunderbolt is said to be the ultimate tool against feelings of doubt, making this mudra a great choice when you need to rid the body of any fear, anxiety, or other self-defeating thoughts or behaviors.

How to: Place your hands over your heart, with fingers crossed and thumbs wide. Take a few breaths here, resting in stillness.

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