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Link Love: The Links We're Clicking From Around the Web

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



Clean Out Your Bathroom This Weekend, Into The Gloss

"I’m no minimalist. You should see the first drafts I write of these things—I decorate sentences with too many adverbs and can’t stand to see a ledge in my apartment naked as the day they were painted. KonMari? Not my kind of cult. I want to drink the Kool-Aid, not throw it away because it expired in 2011!"



Can Less Clothes = More Self-Confidence?, S-Life Mag

"Summertime is a season where the envy and self-hatred can kick up, simply because there are less and less clothes to hide behind. But rather than hiding behind the fears, it's an opportunity to use this challenge to grow past the self-hate and into complete self-acceptance! Give yourself that gift."



Love & Marriage, Alan Watts

"As for marriage, there is nothing wrong with it except the legal institution. The natural event of a man and woman living in constant companionship, with or without children, is an admirable arrangement which works to the degree one does not insist that it must work, and does not treat one’s partner as property. Another being regarded as property is automatically a doll."



How Giving Up Meat for A Month Improved My Productivity, Fast Company

"America is rapidly losing it's reputation as the land of meat and potatoes..."



FDA Seeks to Redefine "Healthy", Wall Street Journal

"Decision marks step in FDA's effort to catch up to changing ideas about health [and] eating habits."



You Matter (Even if You Think You Don't), Thought Catalog

"Your thoughts matter. The voices in your head matter. The silly things you think about before you sleep matter. The things you only think to yourself because you’re ashamed to tell anyone about them matter. Your mind matters."


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