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What's Happening Now: The Top Must Reads This Week in Health + Wellness

Every week, The S-Life Mag will make sure you’re in the know about the latest scientific studies and current events pertaining to health, wellness, nutrition and more. This is the stuff you need to know for your body, mind and soul!

  • Your daily workout could do more than just get you in shape for summer. Research shows exercise may cut your risk of 13 different types of cancer, including some of the most deadly forms.
  • What happens when you hear Mama’s voice? Your heart fills with love…and your brain goes into overdrive.
  • Over-prescription of antibiotics is an issue that can seriously disrupt your microbiome. Now, the FDA is limiting the use of certain antibiotic drugs due to their dangerous potential side effects.
  • It’s no wonder a shot of energy and focus would appeal to many of us. And that’s exactly what B12 injections deliver—literally—for those who lack sufficient stores of the nutrient.
  • A supplement commonly taken during pregnancy could be linked to autism.
  • A cancer survivor has become the first recipient of a penis transplant in the United States.
  • Keep the sugarless gum away from your pup! Xylitol, a sweetener also found in sugar-free candy, baked goods, chewable vitamins, mouthwash and toothpaste—could pose a serious health risk.
  • The mutated BRCA genes responsible for breast cancer can be dangerous for men as well as women.
  • Eeek…here’s a scary stat: Nearly half of people who have had heart attacks didn’t even know they were having one. Makes you want to load up on the whole grains and heart-healthy fats, doesn’t it? 

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