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How to Make a Flower Crown

Now is most definitely the time to wear flowers in your hair — whether it's for a wedding, festival, backyard bbq, beach day, or Summer Solstice party — having a crown (large or small) of fresh, fragrantly intoxicating flowers atop your head is just, simply, a good look.

And, as intimidating as weaving together your own real-life-flowers flower crown may be, it's actually incredibly easy, and a sweet creative bonding experience (take note of how everyone puts theirs together, and how they come out looking... It's pretty personality telling...).

Okay, so here's how to do it:


 -Green floral wire

-Green Floral Tape

-Wire Cutters


-Flowers! (Real or even faux work too so it lasts forever)


Wrap wire around your head to gauge how wide your crown will need to be (allow for half an inch of extra room before cutting) — wrap/twist wire to form a knot to tie together in the back, and cut excess away. Wrap knot and wire crown with green floral tape several times until it's nice and sturdy.

Choose flowers and greens and prep flowers by cutting flower stems and leaving about 3 inches of stem below flower head. Start by attaching your greens using the floral tape to attach to the crown. Next its time for flowers! Begin to attach your flowers, one by one, again using the floral tape. wrapping around a few times so the flowers stay put. Keep this going until the entire crown is lush and full!

Tip: it's easiest to work from the front of the crown, towards the back. Build up the front as much as you can, then work your way around the right and left sides. And just remember there is NO wrong way to make a flower crown.

Happy summer, Sakaralites!


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