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What's Happening Now: The Top Must Reads This Week in Health + Wellness

Every week, The S-Life Mag will make sure you’re in the know about the latest scientific studies and current events pertaining to health, wellness, nutrition and more. This is the stuff you need to know for your body, mind and soul!

  • If you’ve traveled to a country affected by the Zika virus, follow the World Health Organization’s new safe-sex guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Opioids: They’re powerful, they’re addictive and as it turns out, they may in fact make the chronic pain they’re intended to treat even worse. 
  • When it comes to holistic wellness, we’re fans of the integrative approach—because it works. Case in point: A new study suggests healthy lifestyle habits, like proper hydration, sufficient sleep, increased physical activity and limited sugary beverages, may help ease ADHD symptoms in kids.
  • Sriracha and bacon are officially off the menu at Sweetgreen, in an attempt by the fast-casual chain to become more health conscious. Speaking of menus, have you seen ours for next week? Yum.
  • Congress has finally voted to pass the first update to the Toxic Substances Control Act in four decades. This law is supposed to regulate household products, especially those that may cause illness (think asbestos), but history has proven that it’s pretty weak. Hopefully now that will change.

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