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Superfood Spotlight! The Pineberry

Say hello to Pineberries: the new kids on the block (er, farm), who made their way to the U.S. in 2012. When introduced on the actual day of April 1, many thought it was a typical, silly, annual joke, which is consistent with the skepticism we received on our Instagram a few weeks ago. But alas, it is not…

The pineberry is real. Non-Gmo. Funky. And delicious.

They are also NOT a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry, as is often assumed, despite the fact that the pineberry has quite the distinct pineapple flavor. Overall, it’s a trippy palate experience that we can get behind.

Fun facts: the Pineberry is actually a hybrid as opposed to a genetically modified organism. They are a hybrid between the South American Fragaria virginiana strawberry variety, and the North American Fragaria ananassa strawberry variety.

Turns out, strawberries in South America were originally completely white, while in North America they were, of course, red, but referred to as scarlets. Bred together, the two have created the pineberry, which pops out of the ground a bit smaller than the common strawberry, and obviously different in aesthetics. Pineberries are always a creamy white, spotted with delicate red “seeds”, as opposed to the bright red strawberries dotted yellow. They’re available in spring and summer, and as a funky side to your Sakara Matcha Tea Cake breakfast :)

Anyone taste anything else from these guys? I got a hint of banana...

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