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Whether you're looking for something to put on your wish list or gifts for the Sakaralites in your life, these are the coveted products that we've been lusting after this year— organized by the tenets of our S-Life pyramid, of course. 



| BODY |

For those in the mood to give something physical, tactile, practical and wildly thoughtful. We're highlighting facial suction cups (a daily staple in co-founder, Danielle's, everyday beauty routine) that stimulate lymphatic circulation and give life and buoyancy to skin; a breakthrough prebiotic toothpaste (and co-founder Whitney's absolute must-have) to help a friend and loved one have a winning smile; and Sakara's own "After Party Detox Kit", including our cult-favorite detox bars, detox water concentrates with chlorophyll + magnesium, and detox tea— for a healing morning regardless of last night's adventure.

Facial suction cups 

Dr Gerry's Curatola toothpaste

After Party Detox Kit

Life-changing colonics with Doody-Free Girl 

"Tatas" Earrings

 "Shaman Says" sweatshirt



| FOOD |

For those in the mood to gift nourishment, pleasure and a delight to the senses. We're highlighting Sakara's Complete Probiotic Formula to help revolutionize your microbiome and float into 2018 with a healthy body, and happy spirit (did you know 95% of your serotonin resides in your gut?); and Sakara's Beauty Essentials Kit, a masterful curation of beauty chocolates, age-defying Youth + Beauty tea sachets, and signature beauty water concentrates— proving beauty starts within. 

Sakara's Complete Probiotic Formula

Quinton Marine Mineral Vials

Beauty Essentials

Sun Potion's Prash aka Tonic Ambrosia




For those in the mood to gift adventure, the unexpected, and child-like wonder. We're highlighting a card game entitled "The Confessions" to incite memorable dialogue amongst friends and acquaintances; a line of colorful wares from the talented Haas brothers (P.S. check out their window displays at Barney's!); and an innovative + hilarious way to glide down the slopes.  

Sled Legs

Independent Magazine Subscription

Haas for the Holidays 

Medicine Readings with Mama Medicine

The Confessions Game

| LOVE |
“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”-Rumi
For those in the mood to give something sensual, personal, romantic and to be treasured for decades. We're highlighting 100% natural and sometimes edible parfum from master parfumier and dear friend, Douglas Little; a ruby and diamond-bedecked bauble from the 1940s for the siren in your life;  and a tube of non-toxic lipstick to help transform the pout of all the women on your nice list. 
Heretic Parfum
Moonstoned Ring
Vapour Lipstick
Flower for Dreams Subscription 




For those in the mood to gift someone a sense of grounding, warmth, kindness, and self-care. We're highlighting a bowl + brush from the wellness beauty mecca, CAP, so you can paint face masks on like a masterful (and chic) artist; Elena Brower's stunning journal to help bring a sense of inner wisdom to every recipient; and a self-care hack straight from our Head Writer, Kirby, who swears by the power of an evening beauty ritual (which includes this roller). 

Donate to California Wildfire Relief 

Mask Bowl + Brush (CAP)

Practice You, Elena Brower

Ice Facial Roller

Higher Dose sauna sessions

Meditation + Kundalini yoga at RA MA institute (LA or NY)




For those in the mood to gift enlightenment, excitement, magic. We're highlighting, among many ideas, our newest labor of love, the Manifestation Candle. This four-wick, non-toxic candle is composed of 13 intoxicating notes and together, these ingredients aid to call forth your deepest desires. With a foundation of health, love, emotional wellbeing and a healthy curiosity, all that's left is to let your dreams take the lead in the new year. Gift to anyone you know who has audacious future plans. 


The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

SKY TING retreat in Belize

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