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When Mango Married Tomato: A Love Story

Remember when we told you what produce you should be buying right now? If you took our advice, and are super stocked up but don't know exactly what to create with it all, here's a killer salsa recipe to go with...just about anything.


~ 2 to 3 cubed avocados

~ 3 diced juicy heirloom tomatoes

~ 1 to 2 diced cucumbers, skins removed

~ 1 cup of finely chopped sugar snap peas

~ 3 diced peaches

~ 3 diced mangos

~ handful of finely chopped cilantro

~ a generous squeeze of organic lime juice

~ 1 tsp of himalayan salt



Throw it all into a bowl, mix well with your favorite spatula or spoon and dig in! Pour over kale or carrot zoodles, dip with your favorite chips, or enjoy all on it's own (we did).

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