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Sakara Insider's Guide: The Hamptons

For New Yorkers, The Hamptons is a little slice of heaven. Three hours from the city, filled with natural beauty and offering up some of the best gourmet food we have yet to sink our teeth in...it's the perfect weekend escape. So how's a Sakaralite to choose how to spend her day? Let this be your definitive guide to the sweetest and the sexiest of the East.



The Line in Amagansett

Our Manhattan obsession with The Line has finally moved out East. This luxurious concept shop experience is much more like walking into a perfectly curated home than a Hampton’s designer shop. Athena Calderon told us that this is her go-to shop for everything screaming chic; from home decor to fashion. Make it a point to browse through this light-filled space each time your in Amagansett. Promises: you will never regret it.



McNamara in Bridgehampton

Wine time? McNamara time. This liquor store will have anything you’re looking for, from any country, for the most obscure of cocktail dreams (and, yes, they have Rosé). Even when we’re not staying in Bridgehampton, we make it a point to stop here and load up for the weekend.


Harbor Books in Sag Harbour

If you’re spending some time in the Hamptons, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be spending some time lounging by the pool or laying on the beach. This bookstore will have the book you want to cozy up to.



Botanica Bazaar in Amagansett

For all things beauty and wellness, Botanic Bazaar is where it’s at for us  they carry Sakara cult obsessions such as Shiva Rose, Tata Harper, Pratima and Pursoma, as well as internal body beauty care (because that’s where it all begins, yeah?) like Sun Potion and tonic-y herbal tinctures. (Be forewarned: it’s impossible to leave empty-handed.)


What Goes Around Comes Around in East Hampton

We’re no stranger to the WGACA space in SoHo, and when we’re around East Hampton, we can’t help but stop in for a browse through their latest vintage designer pieces. If you’re looking for a one of a kind, super sexy piece (of anything to adorn the body with), then let this be your spot. It’s forever ours.


Love Adorned in Amagansett

Carrying beyond unique (and lots of vintage) jewelry and various hand-made (and lots of local BK or NYC) home goods, Love Adorned will make you want to give yourself a total jewelry makeover. Even their funkiest rings are engagement-worthy. Athens calls this spot a "tried and true classic".


Surf Bazaar in Montauk

Forget your bikini and beach cover up? Or in the mood for a funky new one? There is, honestly, nowhere better than Surf Bazaar. There are lots of sexy bathing suits happening in the Hamptons, find one that you feel GOOD in.


La Fondita in East Hampton

If there is one place that we can’t leave the Hamptons without going to, it’s La Fondita. Right off of Montauk Highway, La Fondita is quite possibly the cutest roadside takeaway joint on the east coast (we said it), complete with outdoor picnic tables, tile art, and cardboard cut-outs for the kids (and adults) to snap pics in. And between the delicious fish tacos, roasted butternut squash side, and infamous elote (corn), there’s plenty of reasons to keep going back and back and back.


Provisions in Sag Harbour

This natural foods market and organic cafe is a little slice of heaven out east. When the lobster rolls and bagel sandwiches start getting to you, make the trip to Sag Harbour for a variety of superfood loving. A go-to market of Miss Katie Lee’s, she recommends picking up spelt muffins and a tempeh sandwich to-go.


Navy Beach In Montauk

Got a boat? You can pull right up to this 200-foot private beach and enjoy some killer ceviche, plus a cocktail or two. No boat? We urge you to still go...Navy Beach is a great casual setting for groups of seafood fanatics with a stunning sunset on the side.

Beacon in Sag Harbour

Our advice? Time up your Provisions trip, so that you can hit up Beacon just in time for dinner with a view. With, arguably, some of the best sunset views out East, Beacon is the place to enjoy a Scottish salmon + local tomatoes, with a gentle yet powerful reminder that you are on vacation. Bonus: their ruby red grapefruit margarita is absolutely divine.


Caravan in Amagansett

As such a sweet new summer addition to Amagansett Square, this “mobile farm stand” only uses locally sourced ingredients  definitely go for the frittata.


Naturally Good in Montauk

Organic salads (for those weekends when your Sakara doesn’t deliver) and hearty feel-good breakfasts, without any of the guilt. Perfect spot for morning smoothies before a day of drinking and beaching (also a great spot to pick up all-natural suntan lotion if you forget yours at home!). Eat your heart out.


Mary’s Marvelous in Amagansett and East Hampton

Mary’s is the perfect morning and mid-day coffee + snack stop  they’re also loaded with kombucha, coconut water, and various to-go meals and side dishes. Get the sesame soba noodles...you will not be sorry.



Bostwick’s in East Hampton

This is the chowder house to beat all chowder houses. It’s an ultimate classic Hampton’s experience. It’s super casual, so come in your suit. We highly recommend the cold oysters.

Hampton Chutney in Amagansett

There may be a Hampton Chutney down the street from our office in SoHo, but this is the original, and has a special place in our hearts. Classic Indian food of dosas and as the name suggests, chutneys galore. It’s perfect for dining in, or take out  you can buy masala and curry by the pint. Their soy chai is also out of this world.



Moby’s in East Hampton

Athena Calderone cites Moby’s as hands down her favorite food right now  and we don’t take that recommendation lightly. Her picks? Their kale salad and spaghettini. With a white washed interior, and set on a picturesque, historic Hamptons property, the vibes of Moby exude beach-chic (expect to be lit by tiki torches).


Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton

Their cucumber gin martini will have you feel like you’ve never had a true cucumber gin martini before. Cooling (and super hydrating) cucumber juice with dry gin on a steamy summer night? Move over rosé. Plus, the modern cottage vibe here is quintessential Hamptons.

Jack’s Coffee in Amagansett

Best. Coffee. Ever. Get yourself a cold brew, and have the Best. Day. Ever.

Bay Kitchen Bar in East Hampton

According to Athena, the pisco sour here is the perfect summer cocktail, meeting the perfect summer setting  on the water, enveloped in white wood and navy blue nautical adornments, if you have one too many of those pico sours, you may mistake your surroundings as being on a boat.

Montauk Juice Factory in Montauk

Thank the heavens, you can slip green juices in between roses at the beach. And it's not just green juice, but some of the absolute best fruit and veggie mixes and tonics we've ever had. We'll let you in on a little secret here: we've been known to mix the Green Lemonade with tequila, and the Beach Break with Vodka. Juicing at the beach just got a little more fun



Horseback riding at Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk

Take a lazy day break and get barebacked on a beach in Montauk. The trail rides are super fun to do as a group or with your loved one. No need to have previous horseback experience  all you’ve gotta do is ride. These horses will lead you along the prettiest of Montauk sites.

Surf at Flying Point Surf School

Learning to surf with these guys (or just picking up the board after a long year of no waves) will leave you fearless. No need to have previous surf experience — these guys will take excellent care of you, so much so, that once you leave, you may feel that you can go pro. Katie Lee's been taking lessons here for years.

Biking at sunset to Louse Point

If you’re in Amagansett, biking to Louse Point at sunset (cup of your favorite rosé in hand) is one of the best things you can do. Not in Amagansett? Hop on your bike and go to any other beach  the Hamptons are in no shortage of mystical sunset watching spots.


Haven in Montauk

Haven is Sakara Life heaven around every corner  beachy with just enough balance between boho and modern. There’s an amazing boutique attached, as well.

Crow’s Nest in Montauk

Crow’s Nest is incredibly eclectic, and according to Athena, it’s on the “swooniest property in Montauk.” Your stay will involve lots of ocean, beautiful sunsets and gourmet food. A cocktail (hello spiced tequila with fresh squeezed grapefruit) or cold rosé down by the water is our definition of vacation.

Surf Lodge in Montauk

These guys just recently redid their rooms, and they are epic. Dare we say, nothing in Montauk beats Surf Lodge for an aesthetically pleasing sleep? Between the water-front property, delicious dinner with beautiful sunset views (and rum coconut bevvies), and private outdoor concerts on the sand, the Surf Lodge is a unique piece of Hampton heaven. Warning: night crowd can get rowdy with a line wrapping down the street, so not a place we’d recommend bringing the kids...


Solé East in Montauk

If not just beautiful and cozy enough for sleep (get ready for some seriously light-filled, peace-inducing rooms), Solé East has a great pool scene and a vast property to go exploring through when you don’t feel like mingling with the beach crowds.

Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk

Morning coffee in the hammocks of Ruschmeyer’s “The Magic Garden?” Yes, please. As part of the Chelsea Hotels group, Ruschmeyer’s is as the garden is namely called...magical. It feels like your favorite childhood campgrounds met a vibey Montauk surfer boy. A go-to spot for going out as well, so not our recommendation if you’re a light sleeper.



Capelli in Bridgehampton (ask for Judy)

According to Athena, Judy gives the best facial she’s ever had. If that doesn’t sell you, then we’re not sure what will.


Love Yoga in Montauk

Did you know? Our girls Kyle and Sian of Love Yoga in Venice Beach, LA have an equally as good-vibe and soul-healing yoga studio in Montauk? And, this one is actually the original. We highly recommend classes with Kumi (though absolutely anything will do).


One Ocean Yoga in Bridgehampton

These yoga gurus will lead you through a powerful flow, while overlooking the vineyards of Bridgehampton, “all year long.” They offer a variety of classes, from Ashtanga to restorative, and everything in between. Personally, we love their “Urban Zen”.

Salt Caves in Montauk

Immerse yourself in thousands of tons of Himalayan Salt. Cleared up allergies, deeper sleep, clearer skin, and a noticeably clearer mind are just a few of the radical benefits of himalayan salt caves. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pretty much anti-anything you don’t want while at the beach. They say the deep healing begins once you take your first breath inside.


East End Acupuncture

Long work week exhaustion, but still looking to beach party (because you know that’s what you so deserve)? A quick appointment with East End acupuncturists Carol Craid Sigler and Julie Siglar-Baum will have you feeling vibrant as new.


Bhumi Farms in between East Hampton and Amagansett

Now THIS is what we like to call a farm. Bhumi has a beautiful farm stand off of Route 27, with all organic produce that is grown just a stone’s throw away from the stand itself. They believe that food is “meant to nourish, strengthen, and heal” and this is the belief that shapes their farming methods, and their aesthetic. With that, we’re sold. See you there.


Green Thumb Organic Farm in Watermill

Katie Lee says that this is her go-to market for fresh produce, and she’s there almost every single day…so you know it’s good. She told us that “everything there is out of this world delicious.” So when you decide to have friends over for a summer BBQ, we suggest picking up your goodies here, and then making one or two of Katie’s recipes for everyone to enjoy.


Round Swamp Farm in Bridgehampton

Today, four generations of Hampton’s farmers take pride in the creation and distribution of this farm stand. They have loads of organic, local, and in-season fruits and veggies, as well as home baked goods, like oven-fresh blueberry muffins and sourdough bread. Pick up some artisanal oils and sauces from their shop while you’re at it.


Balsam Farms in Amagansett

The produce at Balsam Farms can only be described as...beyond vibrant. Just looking at their food makes your cells feel more alive, and eating it takes you to a whole other level. Fancy peppers, spicy or sweet? They’ll have what you’re looking for, with a side of heirloom tomatoes. Definitely join their CSA if you’re planning to be out East for more than a few weeks!


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