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Why You Need To Rethink This Whole 'Anti-Aging' Thing

Here's the truth: each and every one of us is aging every single day, every hour even (but let's not go there right now..). However, we like to think of aging as a spiritual practice - one that forces us to be able to come to terms with letting go of control while simultaneously embracing the rewards bestowed on us through invaluable gifts and life lessons. Confidence, self-awareness, family, experiences, patience, etc. - being able to grow and evolve as a person is an experience we should all be grateful for. 

That being said, aging in a way that feels good in the body is something that can't and shouldn't go unnoticed. Aging naturally yet gracefully is also the goal and can require some TLC, but hear us out because we're not talking lasers, lotions and potions... There are many constant, sneaky forces that cause premature and sometimes accelerated aging, and many of the ways to prevent this from happening require small tweaks to your behavior. As you know, what you see on the outside is determined, first and foremost, by the inside, so keeping the body healthy on a cellular level is essential for keeping it strong, resilient, and youthful. 

Below are some science-backed tips on how to help you look and feel your best, while building a foundation for you to grow gracefully, confidently, and sexily in the years to come. Your future self will thank you.  

And for those Sakaralites out there that may be looking in the mirror now and seeing little to no signs of physical aging, listen up: much of this process is taking place beneath the surface, affecting the signs (and lines) you will see in five years, ten years, and so on. So, while you think this list may not be relevant to you...think again.


1. Check your stress

While stress not only leads to real time suffering, chronic stress accelerates the aging process. Over time, stress shortens the length of each DNA strand, aka your telomeres. This is called cellular aging, and it’s less likely to concern you as you can’t actually see it at play. Some people thrive off living in a heightened, stressed out state, and for many young professionals this can be a badge of honor. Offset stress with regular exercise and meditation. Both of these are no brainers when it comes to immediate stress relief, but the gradual effects over time will serve you well. Incidentally, studies link meditation to longer telomeres and therefore, a slower genetic aging process.


2. Get to bed!

Aside from making you irritable the next day, late nights might also cause some of that sagging you notice in your skin. Children and babies, whose bodies grow at a rapid rate, sleep all the time, and if they don’t, they make their displeasure known. Think of yourself as a child who needs regenerative time, even though you’re no longer growing.  In addition, a lack of sleep makes you more stressed (see above) and harms your immune system.


3. Have more sex

Almost everything about healthy sex makes it a natural antidote to aging. Sex is a form of exercise, a natural mood booster (thanks, chemicals), and is an excellent way to destress. We all know that “glow” you might have after a particularly fulfilling time with a lover(S). As if we needed another reason to feel sexy, one neuropsychologist deduced that sex can help you look between 4 and 7 years younger.


4. Implement a skincare routine.

Repeat after me: Vitamin C and retinol-based serums. These two are your friends. Moisturizing is crucial, but much of that should occur through your overall hydration (insert Sakara Beauty water here), and serums pack a punch with concentrated amounts of anti-aging ingredients. There’s much debate over the best age to start using some stronger anti-aging treatments, such as retinoids. While Vitamin C and other antioxidant-heavy serums are good at any age, you should save heavier creams and retinoids for your later 20s and 30s. Most importantly, remember the outside is influenced by the inside, keep your skin supple by staying hydrated.


5. Eat your fruits and veggies.

It goes without saying that at Sakara we’re committed to a plant based diet. Many fruits and vegetables are naturally hydrating, as well as packed with antioxidants to fight aging from the inside out.  Many, such as blueberries, are rich in antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E (remember, Vitamin C is your friend). Avoid foods that are highly processed and sugary, as sugar is proven to accelerate the aging process. Your body can’t metabolize these as well as plant-based foods, and ultimately this leads to inflammation.


6. Cut back on booze.

Busted capillaries, bloating, hangovers, oh my. If you’ve ever thrown back a few too many, the immediate effects of alcohol are no stranger to you. And you might think that if they disappear after a day or so, all is well. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, sister. All those effects mirror the toll alcohol takes on your over time, and these accrued effects are pretty bad. In

addition to dehydration, alcohol affects almost every part of your body because it’s absorbed through the bloodstream. It stresses your natural filtration system (thanks, liver), and leads to all kinds of adverse effects on the skin. Add to the equation how alcohol, a depressant, can lead to greater depression over time, which also causes stress and subsequently, aging. We’re not saying you shouldn’t drink at all, but do cut back, and be sure to hydrate enough to offset your martinis.


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