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A Sakara Insider's Guide to Boston, MA

Did you know? Boston is a Sakara Life original! Hand delivered organic meal delivery runs years deep in B-Town, and for good reason. This city might be undercover sexy, but super sexy it is, nonetheless  with a beer-fused Fenway history, plus a Paul Revere story or two, we feel compelled to let you in on the more modern corners of this city, one orchid-adorned cocktail at a time. Below, find S-Life's definitive city guide to Boston town, Massachusetts. 



Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe

Crafted to feed our vitality? Ahh, just the delicious way we like it. Life Alive is the one and only one-stop-health-food-shop (or rather, cafe) in all of Boston. Organic coffee and chai, juices and nut mylks galore, acai bowls or Sufi Poet salads and hummus, everything at Life Alive is Sakara-approved and as high-vibe healing as it gets. Order the Swami Bowl, please!


Little Donkey

Located in the heart of Cambridge, this golden restaurant is the latest and greatest collaboration between James Bear award-winning chefs Ken Oringer + Jamie Bissonette. Little Donkey has also been referred to by more a few HQ Sakaralites as "the bomb.com" — open early morning until late night, prepare to experience some of the most delectable, soul-healing flavors from around the globe (Jersey to Japan.) 




Not only is Yvonne’s seductive as all get out, but the food is out of this galaxy. Roasted sunchoke hummus, seared king trumpet mushrooms, and a killer kale + orzo salad will making your dining experience in B-town just as sexy as your everyday at-home meal delivery service. Plus, they serve up “social plates”, making collective dining an inclusive, everyone-get-at-it experience (if that’s what you’re into).  



Vegan (and made from scratch!) ice cream flavors galore! It doesn’t quite look, or taste, much like FoMu is a fully vegan, but their coconut base will have you forgetting all about inflammatory cones of dairy. After you’ve had your taste(s), pick up a pint to-go. If not a full cup, at least ask for a taste of the Malted Cookie Dough and Sweet Lavender. We’ll let those flavors speak for themselves.



Martsa On Elm

This is a gem of a BYOB Nepalese restaurant situated in the charming ‘hood of Somerville. With plenty of vegetarian options and abundant vibes of celebration, we have to get our Himalayan flair fix every time we’re in the city. It’s also an ever-nice switch up to bring your own bevvies along.


Farmstead Table

In a city of steak-houses and quintessential (dare we say, standard) American restaurants, it’s quite relieving to come across a space as committed to serving up seasonal, local and organic ingredients wherever possible. Farmstead Table is great for lunch, brunch, or dinner if you’re into French Toast, look no further than their selection with local maple syzzurp.



Tiger Mama //

Matcha-infused gin? Yes please, over and over and over and over again! This tropical oasis is, dare we say, a total adult Rainforest Cafe  only minus the life-sized plastic animals and ceiling steam, plus a endless amounts of sexy  from unique Thai flavors to perfectly curated tiki torch lighting and pink spotlights. The vibe here will transplant you straight out of Boston and into whichever tropical location you fancy best for hours on end. Bonus orchid adornments may or may not compliment your plate...





Three Little Figs Coffee Bar

As pretty as it is yummy coffee! We're obsessed with the coffee bar at Three Little Figs. With a base of Chicago's Tandem Roasters, we opt for almond everything (but if you're into the dairy, theirs is all fresh from Jersey's Highlawn Farm.) A side of ricotta + cinnamon sourdough toast doesn't hurt, either.



Thinking Cup Coffee Bar

(Arguably) The Best Coffee in Boston. The confirming awards of this spot don’t tell lies, either. Get anything dairy free (we do), plus an almond fig biscotti or two. Drink up and seize the day in Boston town.

drinking cup boston city guide sakara life



Made organic, cold-pressed, and fresh daily, Cocobeet is our definitive juice fix in Boston. They’ve got an assortment of colorful cleanses, as well as bottles of your phytonutrients needs. Check out the color of that Blue Coconut!

cocobeet boston city guide


Sam Adam's Brewery Tour

A bit of a switch up from cold-pressed veggie juice (hey, it’s all about balance, right?) take a Sam Adam’s brewery tour for a seriously authentic American beer experience. Who said fine wine selections were where it’s at? A curation of different brews can be as fine, and as joy (or giggle) inducing as any ol’ bottle of red.



Central Bottle

Though, if you really are looking for that fine wine tasting experience, Central Bottle shall provide. Their highly simple philosophy? Pleasure. “We seek delicious examples of real wine, made by real people thinking about their environment.” We’re down.



Reflecting the ancient, industrial vibes of the Fort Point neighborhood, Drink aims to preserve the fantastic history of the building in which they operate, whilst serving up some creatively crafted cocktails. Muddled herbs may or may not be involved.  

drink boston city guide sakara life



backabr (purposeful no capitalization) is such a great find  street-art adorned with creative cocktails and super eclectic bar snacks. Whatever drink you're feeling inspired by, let them know and they can whip it out (or, shake it up). Though, we're sure you'll want to order straight off their ever-changing menu of fresh flavor and feel-good bubbly.





Cambridge Naturals 

Yay for familiar feeling health food shops! Cambridge Naturals is uber clean, easy to navigate, and as wellness-inspiring as any conscious consumption blog out there. Parooze these aisles and prepare yourself to not leave empty handed  you’ll find the absolute best of whatever you didn’t even know you were looking for. Their bulk herb section is so radical. Plus, they’ve also got a beautiful Instagram account. Does your local health food shop do all that?



Boston Public Market

Situated in the north end of Boston, the Public Market shall be your one stop farmers market situation. They've also got weekly "happenings", so be sure to check the schedule for sampling of local, creative culinary offerings.

boston public market


Harvard Book Store

Fulfill your Ivy League student dreams at the Harvard Bookstore. Whether you’re looking to purchase an education textbook, or simply a cozy hoodie, walk in with all the courage and air of a true Harvard alum, and that is what ye shall become. (Props if you really are a Harvard alum, or current student we toast to you.) This may be the best bookstore, ever.



Oona's Experienced Clothing

Vintage and modern Boston shopping! We’re obsessed with the Oona’s vibe. Whatever your style of body adornment, Oona’s is stocked of endless one of a kind gems — incredibly unique and located in Harvard Square, they've has been calling in stylish Bostonians + travelers alike since ‘72. Oona's know good clothes.



SoWa Vintage Market Boston

Hit up the SoWa Vintage Markets for up-cycled interior decor manifestations, or even just for ideas. We love taking the afternoon to scour the aisles of vintage goods here. So much unique art, so little space to pack and bring it all back to NYC....



Boston boho and as rightfully flared as it gets, we’ve purchased a stone necklace or two or three from Flock. They’re also consistently stocked with rad T-shirts and perfectly bouncy summer blouses. Peace, Love, and Flock on. (They said that, not us.)





Winthrop Beach

Where sandy meets rocky, Winthrop beach is a quintessential North Eastern water experience. It gets rockier at low tide, but either way the moon tugs the water from the shore, this spot is a breathless city escape.

winthrop beach boston


The Mapparium

The Mapparium is a three-story tall stained glass globe within the Mary Baker Eddy Library. Take a history journey of our earth in the year 1935 through a 3D presentation featuring words, lights and music, all used to enhance the experience of time travel and the illustration of how humanity’s former ideas have shaped our world today. Cool stuff, you guys, cool stuff.



Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

In the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood of Boston, this not-so-secret secret garden is a must-visit. Located within walking distance of the Museum of Fine Arts, kill two birds with one stone (advice to be taken metaphorically, not literally, please!). The delicate vibe of this garden of a museum will have you forgetting all about city life and have believing you’re a pretty princess (or prince) of castles past. This is the ultimate space to dream on.



Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain

Exploration and conservation are the name of the game for this Harvard arboretum. If you’re in Boston for some time, look into volunteer or class opportunities. A green thumb heals everyone.



Road trip to Provincetown

Only two hours away, a road trip to Provincetown promises beauty, no matter what time of year (be careful on those icy, roads though). Provincetown is the northernmost tip of picturesque Cape Cod, and the landing site of Columbus’s Mayflower in 1620. P-town has long since been known as an artist haven  that energy still remains true. Once there, have a cuppa at the Wired Puppy, a lobster roll down by the water, and a check in with Room 68. Not to mention, the pirate ships (term used loosely) in the bay are a can't miss.



Brooklyn Boulder

An indoor rock climbing facility to put an end to all beautiful, vast, and yet incredibly hardcore rock climbing facilities. No wonder  their space was designed to harness (pun intended) the energy of inspired community and thoughtful fitness. Not looking to climb but still want some tone? Take any of their fitness classes, dabble in some personal training, or similarly tone your mind by making use of their collaborative workspace with a side of free wifi...



Boston Science Museum

Hello adult play time! The Boston Science museum is sure to bring out your inner-nerd, even if you don’t believe you’ve got one. Step into this magical world of scientific wonder, and leave equally as thankful for those that have done all the studying for us as you are inspired to put your nose in more books (or Wikipedias) to do the studying on your own. FYI: there’s also a butterly garden.



Paddle board / Kayak in the Boston Harbor

Now there’s something that the Hudson River can’t compete with. Paddle board or kayak (up to you) in the Boston Harbor at the Marina for an aquatic experience. Go out single, or in tandem, to put around for as long as your please, though they do charge hourly. Hit up the gift shop for some Harbor fan flare once you’re done.





Fifteen Beacon

Cozied into a 1903 beaux art building, this sexy Beacon Hill boutique hotel is a short walk from famous Charles street. Free wifi, cloud beds, optional fireplaces (fyi, it gets real cold in B-town), plus a spiffy workout facility and roof terrace overlooking Beacon Hill, we love the luxurious vacation vibe of XV Beacon. (Ps, their in-town car services are free.)



The Liberty Hotel

Rightly named, The Liberty is a former jail! But don’t let that scare you off  the freedom vibes flow free inside. Though a short walk from some of Beacon Hill’s best shops and sites, The Liberty is also a delicious crash pad if you’re looking to stay in, snuggle up, and marvel at some of the best hotel wall art. Scour every corner of your room  nothing is left artistically undone.



Lenox Hotel

Another beaux art Boston building, the Lenox boasts an elegantly traditional interior alongside the contrast of more modern, plush bed chambers. Fancy a fire place? Just ask. And be sure to make use of those all-marble bathrooms and open shower spaces.



Carriage House Oasis

Seeking more of an apartment vibe? We often do, too. Airbnb always pulls through in this sector, and this Boston select may or may not be our favorite (shh.) Though nestled in a farm-y carriage house, the interior of this oasis is just as described by the owners  a city oasis. We’re also obsessed with their balancing colors.



Artsy Somerville

Get home-y-er in Somerville with this artistic Airbnb. It’s new places and spaces like this which have you leaving wanting to start all over and redecorate your entire apartment (or, life). Fit up to four people in this bright space. It’s just a ten minute walk to Union Square!


The Colonnade

This is the summer spot of Boston  rooftop pools and rooftop yoga are not the easiest to come by in big time East Coast cities. Plus a killer view, yummy rooms for dreaming, and add-on packages (think: tons of retail therapy and museum trips) to make your B-town experience just that much more integrative. Oh, and did we mention: rooftop pool?


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