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Asking us to pick our favorite Sakara meal or Clean Boutique product is sort of like asking a parent to choose their favorite child (A.K.A. we all have one, but it's frowned upon to share, right?). That said, we haven’t been this excited about the launch of a product in a while.

You know us. You know we’re obsessed with all things health, nutrition and wellness. And while we’re definitely not about trend-chasing—we’ve been preaching the plant-based, whole-food gospel for years, and we weren't the first and won't be the last—we do admittedly get excited about the next big thing, especially when the next big thing is revolutionary when it comes to health, wellness, and longevity. 

So on that note, please give a warm, loving welcome to the newest member of the Clean Boutique family: CBD CHOCOLATES!

These unique beauties start with organic, raw dark cacao of the highest quality (because when it comes to chocolate, we don’t mess around), a touch of coconut sugar for sweetness, and 2 mg of pure cannabidiol (CBD) oil cleanly extracted from organically grown hemp plants.

What exactly is CBD? It’s one of two primary cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system of receptors. The other main cannabinoid, you’ve probably heard of: THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the stuff that, when ingested, leaves you feeling deeply introspective (sometimes too introspective), ridiculously giggly and determined to find French fries and Oreos, and find them stat. But this cannabinoid has nothing to do with our cannabinoid.

Unlike THC, our friend CBD is totally non-psychoactive. If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will open up your personal doors of perception, look elsewhere (may we suggest California or Colorado?). What CBD can do, according to an ever-growing wealth of impressive research, is lower stress, ease anxiety, quiet the mind and subtly lift the mood. It’s also been shown to be an effective therapy for insomnia, depression, PTSD, PMS, digestive woes, seizures, inflammation, chronic pain and more. In other words, exactly what we mean when we say let food be thy medicine!

Now, if you’re hearing “cannabis” and thinking patchouli, wall tapestries, Bob Marley and hacky sack on the quad, please pause. These are not those questionable pot brownies of youth. These are medicinal morsels of plant power that will help you relax and unwind after a long day of work. In fact, we like to think of CBD Chocolates as the perfect combination of two of our favorite nightly rituals: a glass of wine and dessert (minus the hangover and excessive grams of sugar). Best enjoyed while in an Epsom salt bath, wearing a face mask and thinking loving, peaceful thoughts, CBD chocolates may just be the answer to your prayers - they certainly were to ours. .  

Intrigued? Stick around. We’re dedicating the next week here at S-Life to exploring CBD and its therapeutic qualities, tapping experts in the space and experimenting with it ourselves. So stay tuned and get schooled—there’s so much to learn and discover.

CBD Chocolates are available now in the Clean Boutique. Don’t risk a case of FOMO (or actual MO)—order yours now before they sell out.

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