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A Love Letter to Summer, From Whitney + Danielle

*Welcome to summer! This post comes to you in partnership with our stylish friends over at THE OUTNET.COM

Dear Sakaralite,

Summer time is a time for expansion. It’s a time to look outside of ourselves, to connect to other people and places, to explore, experience and taste. As a society, we've just come out of several months of inward reflection and deep nurture, where we've tuned into the gentle whispers of our inner beingness, in order to achieve superior footing on this earth.

As we start to feel that frenetic summer energy whirling inside our bones, we're ready to take those first steps forward (in some killer Charlotte Olympia pumps).

For us, this summer is about those long weekend trips with loved ones, rays of life-giving sunshine, local farmers markets, homemade desserts, and that innate birthright to feel GOOD in our own skin. It's about feeling good in our botanical bodies, not only because of the energy we're feeding it through the foods that we're eating, but also because of the energy we're feeding it through the people, places, and things we're choosing to surround ourselves with. We're committing to a summer of nourishment through whole foods, decadent treats, salty ocean waves and that all-encompassing feeling of another being's heart beating so close and so connected to our own.

Some words of advice, Sakaralite, so that you can make this summer just as radiant as you dream it to be:

1. Don't forget about the "B" word: Balance! Stay tuned in to know when it's time to ground down (whole foods, weekends in, gentle kisses) and when it’s time to fully take flight (summer solstice party, anyone?).

2. Be conscious of your conscience. Your thoughts become real things; you have all the power. And the summer sun energy provides us with the inner fire to fuel those manifestations, so be extra sure that you're putting out what you genuinely intend to bring back in.

3. Stay compassionate with yourself! With all the new, outward, bright, shiny and LOUD comes the ability to shake your core foundation from time to time, uncovering old patterns of self doubt and criticism. When this comes up, take measures to stay grounded: cardio exercise, deep breathing, and spirit-fusing s-e-x can help connect our bodies back to our souls and give us a deeper sense of balance and purpose in our passionate pursuits.

4. If it doesn’t feel good, your answer is simple...don’t do it.

Summer, thank you for being our light and source of internal fire. We are so excited to witness what these #ThoughtsToThings will bring.

With Love,

Whitney + Danielle

Danielle wears a Haute Hippie dress, and Whitney wears an Oscar da la Renta top with Tibi shorts.

*In honor of summer, we're offering you 20% off your next purchase with THE OUTNET when you order Sakara! In return, you could get $50 off your next Sakara organic meal delivery plan when you purchase shorts, sandals, or beachwear. Plus, wear it tonight with same-day delivery to NYC and the Hamptons! Talk about a summer best-beach-bod match made in heaven...  

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