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Find Your Guru: Michael Olajide, Aerospace

Seeking a better-body guru to lengthen, strengthen, tone and help you totally OWN your own manifestation powers? S-Life's got your back (and, your ever-getting-better booty). In Find Your Guru, we introduce you to some pretty incredible men and women across the country, all here to train your unique body in whatever it is that it loves to do, as well as give you the tools to live your sexiest, most loving and creative life imagined (because, after all, that is your true nature).

In honor of Lily Aldridge X Sakara and the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we decided to consult the man responsible for helping shape the bodies about to walk down the runway. The one, the only: Michael Olajide of Aerospace NYC.

Michael Olajide aerospace

What’s your method, and what makes it unique?

Essentially I teach boxing but boxing through my personal experiences in the ring, which are at the highest levels of competition in the world. That's what makes it real. I call it AeroMethodology. Every fitness boxing class I have ever seen teaches a "perception of boxing", and if it's taught by a real boxer it's been conformed to meet a watered down standard. At AerospaceHPC we keep the integrity of the art and teach an exciting results driven class. You can have the best of both worlds, you just have to have a trainer that cares. 

What would you say that most people come to you to achieve?

It has to be a 50/50/50 split between getting their best body ever, to having fun... and to also de-stress their minds.

 Michael Olajide aerospace workout

What  are some misconceptions around boxing?

That boxing doesn't tone, condition and strengthen your legs and that boxing isn't a sport that requires you to think. People think boxing is all instinct and aggression. Couldn't be further from the truth. ;) 

Which area of the body is your specialty?

The way this program is designed we can hit every muscle in the body, machine free... BUT I would have to say the core, (I call it the grand central station of your coordination) is my specialty. And if the core is in shape, best believe the rest of your body is. 


Michael Olajide aerospace workout

What are three words that describe a workout with you? 

Smack... on Crack!  👊🏾💥😜

What’s something that you get from boxing that you can’t get from any other workout?

You can push yourself to the conditioning levels of a professional athlete machine free and inexpensively and conveniently 


What's your signature move?

Rhythmic, Free flowing, high speed, power punch combinations. 

 Michael Olajide aerospace

How involved are you as a trainer?

I'm extremely involved. If you've boxed before, you know you need respect the art. Boxing is more than just punching. Also, you have to sweat with your clients. Working out is an exchange of energy whether you're doing a one-on-one or a group class 

If you could train one person in this world, who would it be? 

Floyd Mayweather.

Michael Olajide aerospace

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